Friday, March 5, 2010

Sound Blaster Wireless Headset Review

Conventional wisdom states that WOMEN are the ones who LOVE to shop and if given the chance will quickly empty the pocket book chasing after this or that item. This is certainly not the case in our home...I am the saver...the plate wearer in the family is the shopaholic...his newest acquisition was purchased without my knowledge because he knew that I would not approve it while we were still neck deep in kitchen and bath renovations. So when the large box arrived on the doorstep this afternoon I was a tad surprised at the contents...however he is a rather wise man and purchased TWO of them...bribery DOES work from time to time on wifey aggro.

So what did he spend WAY to much on?

Yep, we have them...a matching pair...and can I just say....they are AWESOME!!

You are suppose to give them eight hours to charge up before you first use them but we were able to start right up by just keeping them hooked up via the USB charging cable. (Which has to be one of the nicest ones I have ever seen, nylon warped and VERY sturdy, a good thing in our house hold where small children have been know to chew them up.) While the pictures just show you the red and blue colors you can actually chose from a rainbow of color options or even have it pulsate between different color choices. The sound quality is AMAZING and easily customizable for the audio snob (like my hubby) or auto adjusts for someone not so picky (like myself).

There are voice changer options which you can keybind. (Some of them don't seem to be functioning quite properly, like the blood elf options) Females using female voices just come across extra squeaky, while males using male voice options sound extra deep but they are still rather fun to play around with. I am rather hoping that those options will be expanded over time, I can already envision all SORTS of mischief for role playing runs.

The box it came in reminds me of the collector edition boxes from World of WarCraft, the card board is that high quality. While they do send a faux leather case to store it in (something great for a quick hide away from stickied fingered children) I think I will be keeping the box as my true storage container.

The microphone for us was VERY sensitive (picking up the heater fan in our room even) so we played around with it for a bit, adjusting our vent outputs on each other before subjecting our guild members to us. Their comments were that it sounded like they were speaking to us on the phone rather than over vent.

My only complaint is that (for me at least) it is a little heavy and I have to take my ear rings off since the ear pieces are SO big they cover my entire ear. I am sure it is just a matter of getting use to a higher quality of head set than I have EVER had before in my life. My ears also get a little sweaty since the fit around the ears is so snug and sound dampening.

Final verdict? These babies are NOT going back and several other guild members have now placed orders for their own after just HEARING ours.

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