Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saga of the Plushies

 So while the plate wearer was on his frantic spending spree he decided to pick up some of the new stuffed toys being offered by Blizzard, two Gryphon Hatchlings and two Wind Rider cubs. Since we have four children this works out ok I guess. The box arrives and I am first surprised by how SMALL it is and second by how LIGHT....There is a good reason for that, rather than getting the items we ORDERED the box only contained ONE Gryphon Hatchling.

Now yeah, these guys ARE cute and the boys HAVE been wanting a WoW toy since they saw the first stuffed Lurky, but they are not $100 cute...After a two hour wait on the phone (they play various selections of WoW music, so we made it a game identifying which zones we normally hear them in) he was finally able to speak to a REAL person who is "looking into it". He gave us an e-mail to contact and said we SHOULD hear something within 24 hours.

Flash forward 24 hours, still haven't heard anything and I am once again on the phone listening to the theme music from Storm Peaks and Grizzly Hills. Each song is separated with a push to use the automated system (would love to but it won't handle my issue) or a "tip" that could be the answer you were looking for. For example if you deleted a character or item you have to talk to a Game master IN GAME or that certain letters and numbers might look similar on verification codes such as 1 and T, 2 and Z, 5 and S, 8 and B....Yeah you know you are on hold WAY to long when you have the silly speeches memorized.

When the hubby got home from work he took over phone duties, about 30 minutes later he got an actual person to talk to who looked up our order and said "Yep, for some reason it looks like only one of the items got shipped...let me see what I can find out" and put him back on hold. (This time we got to listen to music from Diablo and StarCraft for a change in pace.) Eventually the service guy returned stating "Your remaining order will be shipped at no cost to you."

Now we have to wait AGAIN for the information to be verified and the new items to ship. I am not holding my breath we will see those little buggers before next week. No admittance of an error on their part of course but at least we are HOPEFULLY going to get what we paid for even if it IS a week later than anticipated. For now I have to hide the lone Plushie we have so that World War III doesn't start between the children.


  1. sooo cute... too bad I can't afford them... I know someone who;d be tickled pink to receive one for her birthday. (instead she's getting a 12" Spock doll from the movie that I bought sometime after Christmas.)

  2. My boyfriend bought me the Wind Rider Cub, he accidently had it sent to his house though which is half way across the country. I still have yet to see the plushy but he gave me the in game code to get the pet. I love it. And I am thankful I don't have kids to fight over them because I can only imagine. I do however have dogs who think anything plush belongs to them so will have to keep it out of reach.

  3. The little Gryphon we did get IS cut and they are quality stuffed animals. If you take what they charged for the in game pets and what they charged for Lurky the $25 makes sense.

    Looking forward to actually getting them as the boys have already declared "dibs" on each toy.

    Hope you get yours soon!