Thursday, March 4, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Spymaster Thalodien

The story of Spymaster Thalodien is an interesting one. Most players will only know him as a Scryer quest giver found in the inn at Area 52 in Netherstorm. Listen to his argument with Aldor's Exarch Orelis and you get a hint of his personality. One of his quotes says it all "My tactics may not be subtle, but they work." This high ranking member of the Scryers was once a part of Prince Kael'thas elite troops but at the guidance of Voren'thal the Seer (an elderly Blood Elf who discovered Kael'thas' prevarication) chose to defect to the Naaru in hopes of saving his people.

Thalodien has plenty of what I call "Blood Elf attitude", he is brash, smart mouthed and irreverent. At the same time he is COMPLETELY dedicated to bringing his former Prince down and denying him the chance to further corrupt his people. This can be seen in the nine quests he offers dealing with removing the mana forges feeding the Tempest Keep ships energy. One of the things I enjoy most about him is that he is a quest giver that truly shows his Rogue roots. He has players "sneak around" by putting on disguises, infiltrate the mana forges and assassinate various Overseers. (Got to love it.)

On the other hand while he sees his troops as tools to be utilized he is still rather careful of his chosen leader Voren'thal who he has players report his findings too. He warns players to "Make sure Voren'thal doesn't topple over with excitement from the news - the old man's getting a bit fragile, if you know what I mean." Thalodien has traveled far in his life and will continue to take risks in order to achieve his desired objective: killing Kael'thas.

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