Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rep: Frenzyheart Tribe

Located in the Sholazar Basin are two factions who cause a great deal of confusion and frustration as people first encounter them. This week we will focus on the Frenzyheart Tribe or more commonly referred to as the "Wolvar".

This species of Wolverine people is native to the area so they are located in places other than Sholazar such as Howling Fjord, Dragonblight and  Zul'Drak. The difference is that (with the exception of the Rageclaw Tribe from Zul'Drak who start out friendly) they will continue to be hostile even after you gain exalted reputation with the Frenzyheart Tribe since the tribes don't really interact much nor get along.  Don't confuse them with the bear based race of Furbolgs we have dealt with out entire leveling experience either, these guys are completely different.

Players can first start gaining reputation with the Frenzyheart after completing a quest located at Lakeside Landing for Tamara Wigglesprocket called Part-time Hunter (on a side note she is the only female human NPC in game who is known to be married to a Gnome). After you kill Pitch a group of Frenzyheart show up and accuse you of stealing their kill, as a result you are now their "captive" and must report to Frenzyheart Hill to make retribution.

What causes all the confusion to players is that you work for the Frenzyheart until you are well into honored reputation but then the quest chain sends you over to the opposing faction The Oracles. Don't worry, before you declare one faction over the other you must FIRST gain honored reputation with BOTH. Something easily done while completing the quest chain. How you declare factions is based on the final quest of the chain A Hero's Burden. This is a repeatable quest so switching back and forth between factions can easily be accomplished as most level 80's can solo this quest.

There are several reasons why you may wish to chose the Frenzyheart faction over the Oracles. The first is if you are attempting to complete the Mercenary of Sholazar achievement as this requires exalted reputation with BOTH factions at some point. Another reason is if you are a trinket collector and desire to get the Frenzyheart Brew. When Wrath first was released many rogues would chose Frenzyheart for the Azure Strappy Pants and Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury.

Faction reputation can be gained in only one way, by completing daily quests. So once you have done A Hero's Burden and declared yourself a Frenzyheart you will need to rebuild your reputation. This will take you about a 20 days as there are only 3 quests you can do each day.

Chicken Party! From Elder Harkek will give 500 rep and is available every day.

Vekar will offer you one of three quests each day to go out and kill a specific number of "Big Tongues". While each quest will give you tools to do them you don't have to kill the Gorlocs using them to get credit. They will each give you 700 reputation upon completion.

Kartak's Rampage
Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart
Tools of War

Rejek has four possible quests to give you which give 500 reputation as reward at completion.

A Hero's Headgear
Rejek: First Blood
Strength of the Tempest
The Heartblood's Strength

There is also an achievement for completing each of these daily quests called Honorary Frenzyheart. This is easily obtainable while working on the Frenzyheart Tribe achievement.

The biggest issue I had with these guys was while I found them cute they are just down right annoying. They remind me of my bossy younger brother with some of their remarks. (Though the "You go before I taunt you second time!" is funny.) The thing to keep in mind is while the form changing trinket has no dependence on reputation the other items they offer DO. This means that you can't get the pants for instance and then switch to Oracles with out loosing the use of those pants. The jewel crafting recipes you learned are still good though.

Another thing of note, during Children's Week in May Orphan Matron Aria will show up in Dalaran with a Wolvar pup named Kekek. You DO NOT have to have reputation with the Frenzyheart to choose to do his quests. Complete all seven of his quests before returning him to the Orphan Matron and you will get him in the mail as a Noncombat companion pet.

Happy Grinding!

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