Thursday, March 18, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Moroes

Ah Moroes, the second boss in Karazhan was once the bane of many guilds. Like every other rogue based boss he is not alone but has additional adds who accompany him. Who exactly is this individual and how did he come to be overseeing a ghostly party?

The vast majority of Moroes' history is documented in Jeff Grubb's novel "The Last Guardian" where the then young mage Khadgar is sent by the Kirin'Tor of Dalaran to be Medivh's apprentice just before the First War. Khadgar describes Moroes as a "whip-slender elderly man with a predominate nose". Yet it is not Moroes' nose that most catches Khadgar's attention rather his habit of wearing horse blinders at all times. It is those blinders that at first make Khadgar suspicious Medivh is actually using enchanted animals as his servants rather than mortal men. Moroes' clears up the issue slightly when questioned stating that he wears the blinders to keep out the visions often seen wandering the keep of Karazhan.

Like any good servant Moroes was dedicated to his job. Often putting up with many inconveniences to keep his master and his guests well cared for. The party he presently oversees is but a reflection of the types he would hold for the nobles of Darkshire, (then called Grand Hamlet) Karazhan's closest neighbor. If you take the time to look around at the guests you will discover that many of them share the surname of prominent NPC's from there. Most notable being Ebonlocke, who is not pleased to be wasting his time waiting for an audience with Medivh that seems less likely to happen with each passing day.

Moroes' human life did not end naturally, he was killed by his master Medivh shortly before that worthy died at the hands of his apprentice Khadgar. Khadgar buried Moroes next to his master knowing that it would please him. The only difficulty was that eternal rest was not to last.

When Prince Malchezaar arrived at Karazhan he attempted to raise Medivh's corpse to use as a puppet furthering the return of the Burning Legion. Instead he got Moroes. Moving on to the top most reaches of the keep, the prince abandoning him to oversee the other spirits now wandering the halls of Karazhan just as he had their living counterparts. For Moroes it is as if he never died. Even now he is behaving as if he is preparing for Medivh's return. While his present form is that of a Forsaken each day is spent locked in the eternal repetition of his life as a human. As he told the fleeing Khadgar just before his death, "where else do I have to go?"

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