Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rep: Wyrmrest Accord

Dragons Dragons EVERYWHERE!! Yes, this describes the Wyrmrest Accord located primarily out of Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight. Made up of representatives from the Red, Bronze, Green and even Black dragon flights, this organization was founded as a direct result of the Blue Dragon Aspect Malygos going insane and attacking the other flights. Now while the Blue Dragon flight is not a part of the Accord they are not completely with out representation. Kalecgos or more commonly called Kalec is also there but as he is at odds with his flight's leader at the moment he can not speak for the rest of the Blue Flight.

While all of the dragon flights were originally designed to work together in harmony events have altered that so that over all they prefer to function independently. With Malygos' mental deteriation The Aspect of Life Alexstrasza has called the flights together in order to counter act the damage being caused to Azeroth as a whole. It is an uneasy balance as each of the other flights are being chipped away eternally by other forces. In addition the Black Dragon Flight has always had an agenda all their own even without the others being aware of Deathwing's impending return.

Now you can't just show up at Wrymrest Temple and start gaining reputation. Being Dragons they have to make it a LITTLE more complicated than that. First you need to do a couple of quest chains in Dragonblight which will bring you to the quest "Prevent the Accord". There are both Alliance and Horde versions based out of either Star's Rest or Agmar's Hammer. When you kill Goramosh he will drop a "Strange Device" which will start you on your way to Wrymrest Temple. It is a rather long and involved chain but completing it will give you a good insight as to what is taking place amongst each of the Dragon Flights. The chain completes when you receive the quest "Defending Wyrmrest Temple" which turns into a daily quest after this point.

The only other place you will find quests that grant Wrymrest Accord reputation is on the island of Coldarra in the Borean Tundra, the home of Malygos himself. Here various dragons seek your assistance in discovering exactly what Malygos has planned. Two other daily quests providing reputation for this faction will become available. One is Drake Hunt which is part of the "Basic Training" chain. The other you can only access at level 80, but you HAVE to talk to Librarian Serrah FIRST who sends you to the TOP of the Nexus to locate Corastrasza. Corastraza gives you the quest Aces High, which is helpful in that it gives you a basic understanding of the controls for the drake mounts INSIDE the Eye of Eternity where you face Malygos himself. Again after you complete it for the first time it will become a daily HOWEVER, all you have to do is speak to Corastraza and she will give you a mount you can practice on for as long as you feel you need.

As we have mentioned countless times it seems if doing daily quests is not your thing just complete enough quests to get to friendly and FLY to the Top of Wyrmrest Temple to get your Tabard. Then all you have to do is run level 80 dungeons to quickly get this reputation up to exalted.

This is a must have reputation for Paladin and Shaman healers as it is the Wyrmrest Accord that provides the helm enchant Arcanum of Blissful Mending. Tailors will be interested in picking up the Pattern for the Mysterious Bag. Jewelcrafters may go after the Design for the Glimmering Monarc Topaz. However the majority of people who grind this reputation are the mount farmers after the Red Drake.

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