Saturday, May 8, 2010

White Raid

From time to time you just need to take a step back and remember what raiding USE to be like. A recharge in what makes it FUN. Last night we did that, had a "Crazy Raid". What made it crazy? No piece of equipment could be better than White level save trinkets and those could not be better than level 60 blues. Off we all went scrounging our banks for gear. Holiday outfits and Vendor trash were the norm. Barov Peasant Collars and Seal of the Dawn abounded. The idea was basically the only advantage you would have would be the abilities available to you at level 80.

Looking much more like our Classic selves we arrived to Black Rock Mountain. The conversations resembled something like this. "You have 13k health, what haven't you taken off yet?" "What vendor did you find that pair of plate bracers at?" "Hit the shops in Dalaran if you can't find a weapon." "Yeah, you can use your Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas."

We started off in Upper Black Rock Spire so that people could get use to their 800 dps and mana pools of less than a Thousand. The other rule of the game was that if something dropped that was an "upgrade" over your white gear you could grab it. Oh the arguments that abounded when Mages rolled on the Devout Shoulders and Boomkins got leather pants with Agility. Laughter filled vent as we bemoaned the loss of each green to another. Success was quickly ours so we headed off to the true task of the night.

Molten Core.

Twelve of us headed in. A couple were not even level 80 yet. Some of us had farmed this instance at level 60, others had never seen it before and hoped to get their achievement. It certainly was a challenge. One hunter had almost the entire Giant Stalker set by the time we finished and picked up the quest for Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keep. I managed to pick up the Bloodfang Pants, my only upgrade of the night. Our top dps was a mage at close to 2k by the time he finished. (Luckily for him his spells still worked even if he WAS oom most of the time.) The healers had the hardest time as our tank whom they are all use to sporting close to 60k health was running around between 8 and 12k and three heals would have them oom.  Suddenly it was important to remember how to do pulls, to hug walls to skip mobs, focus firing specific targets rather than just steamrolling through as we usually do, stopping frequently for drinks.

The final verdict? 
Rag downed and they all want to do a Green run of an Outland instance for our next "fun run".

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