Saturday, May 29, 2010


Little bear, there is so much that you have missed out on, let me ask you, do you remember starting out with only ONE little dagger? When we use to have to gather herbs like fadeleaf and swiftthistle so you could craft things like blinding powder, vanish powder and poisons? If you didn't have STACKS of those powders you didn't use those moves often? When we were all addicted to Thistle Tea? When in order to get a buff you had to be out of stealth? When casting Detect traps implemented the swirly ball? When you had to have Thieves tools to lockpick or disarm anything and it came from a quest? When people wanted rogues for their Lockpicking skill? When you had to wait for 3-5 sunders before you could attack and then you started out SLOWLY, if you got high on the aggro you STOPPED dps until you dropped down? When a rogue's best friend was a paladin with Hand of Salvation?

Do you remember when to be properly prepared to raid you had buff food, scrolls, regents, flasks, resistance gear, and if you had ANY empty bag space you were lucky? When poisons had charges and only lasted a maximum of 10 min so you were constantly having to reapply them? When entering or exiting an instance would remove your poisons? When placing a sap took you out of stealth unless you specced for a 90% chance for it NOT to and hated every time that 10% it failed?

Do you remember when AV fights took 12+ hours, sometimes entire weekends? When Warsong Gulch could be endless? When to earn pvp rank required HOURS of dedicated play? People would leave battlegrounds because the other team was full of Battle Marshals or High Warlords? When the defense channel was for SERIOUS pvpers and required rank to talk in? When there was such a thing as a DISHONORABLE kills?

Do you remember when it took the best guilds in the world MONTHS to kill every boss in the game because they had to craft resistance or other special gear for EVERYONE? When you had to clear trash both TO and FROM the boss? When raiding meant attempting to get 40 people together at the same time and required HOURS of grinding respawning trash?

Do you remember when you needed crowd control to do a 5 man dungeon? When the art of pulling a room could mean the difference between a wipe or victory? When the Horde complained that the Alliance had the advantage with Paladins and Alliance complained that Shamans were better? When Blues were considered GOOD gear and Epics were something you bragged about? When to get INTO a raid required a long, involved and sometimes expensive attunement quest?

Do you remember when flight paths weren't linked so you had to specifically select each stop on the way to your destination and if you messed up it required repeating the process? When to get to a dungeon you had to WALK there? When getting your first mount required Level 40 and training in the skill cost LESS than the mount? When epic speed mounts were rare because they took months to gather enough gold to be able to afford?

Do you remember when if an individual had more than one max level character the thought was they must have no life and live in their parent's basement? When earning gold took a LONG time and hitting the gold cap was almost an achievement in and of itself? When there were no such things as "Daily Quests"?

So often we talk about how WoW USE to be as if it was this golden paradise of gamers. Sure some things have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY easier like leveling and managing the basic needs of a character. These are just the things that come quickly to my mind, what about you? Are any of the things I mentioned stuff you would wish to have return?

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  1. I remember when Paladins had to buff 40 people with 5 minute blessings. I am sure they feel the change was for the better! :)
    I remember when you'd banish one of your rezzers to the corner to rez people during the battle because you weren't in combat unless you engaged the boss or got hit by AoE.

    I do miss 40 man bosses. The magnitude of people, healing, dpsing, and damage being thrown around everywhere really felt epic. I miss fights like C'thun where so many crazy things were going on at once, and C'thun didn't CARE if you thought he was unfair. You found a way to conquer it or you didn't kill him.

    I really miss the class specific quests like the hunter quests. If you really learned to do them the right way it was the most fun thing ever! It felt like some sort of rite of passage among the hunter community. Hunters who had completed the quest would come out to watch me do mine and give me pointers, and just foster a sense of community among the class.

    Man epic gear sure was epic back then :)