Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blue Dragonhawk

So last night I bit the bullet and finally did it. My last mount for the Mountain o' Mounts achievement was the Cenarion War Hippogryph. It took having two guild mates threatening to buy it for me to get me to cough up the dough. I can't help it I am CHEAP. (Can't you hear the little birdies singing?) Wait, lets just go with "Thrifty" it sounds better. Sad thing is I STILL have mounts I want to get. This is quite the change from the individual in Burning Crusade who was always saying "Why do you need another mount? Your butt can only sit on one at a time ANYWAY."

This whole journey started when I was attacked by the Time Lost Protodrake while out picking herbs during the first few weeks of Wrath. It spawned right on top of me and all I saw was the silver dragon as it swooped down. My first thought was "Oh crap a rare, I am going to die" since my last experience with a rare dragon was during Burning Crusade when it took 5 people to take one down. Surprisingly the thing had hardly ANY health and was dead at my feet in a matter of moments. Even more shocking it had a MOUNT on it. Nowhere is there a warning label which states "Caution, this creature's venom will infect you with an itch to collect MORE mounts to keep him company". Before this time, if it wasn't BLACK I wasn't the least bit interested in acquiring it.

I find it ironic that almost exactly one year ago I discussed this achievement and stated that there was NO WAY you could do it without spending a GREAT DEAL of money.  Let me just share that the ONLY expensive mount I own is the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and THAT was only purchased at the request of my guild for raids. While I was EXTREMELY reluctant to make the 16k plunge the convenience is well worth it. The largest chunk of my collection is made up of reputation based mounts that I seldom use because they are land based. Only one of them is a "real money" mount and I got THAT as a gift. Of the mounts I DO use they are almost exclusively drop or achievement based.

My rare mount farming partner is thrilled I have hit this milestone because he figures any mounts that drop will go to him. (He still has about 25 left to go on his achievement.) My problem is that the itch I got from my Time Lost hasn't lessened in severity. So I will still be hitting up Utgarde Pinnacle for the Blue Protodrake. Rivendare will fall at my hands yet again until I get his Deathcharger, and even after my partner gets his Feather duster I will be doing stealth runs of Sethekk Halls. Most likely I will work on getting the Turkey but I have given up on the Sea Turtle, unless he is kind and comes up while I am fishing for fish feasts.

For those of you still working on collecting, don't give up. From what Bornakk has stated the number of mounts we will have available to us is only going to increase as time goes on. Also the addon Livestock is great for giving you variety. What I most enjoy about it is the fact I can chose which mounts I want included in my random selection.

So happy hunting and Good Luck!

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