Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

You know you have reached the pinnacle of "Geek Mom" when your husband and children get you an in game mount for Mother's Day. I logged on and noticed that rather than having Daraia selected it was my Death Knight. My heart dropped because the LAST time something like that happened I had been hacked. Now I have an authenticator so that seemed less likely. A quick peruse through all my characters showed nothing out of the ordinary. A shrug of my shoulders and off I went into my routine. It wasn't until I stopped to empty my bags of trash at the vendors that I discovered the letter.

It seems the sneaky plate wearer in the family snatched my authenticator while I was away and logged into my account. He then proceeded to teach EACH of my toons the Celestial Steed. So yes, I now I have a star pony for my mount collection. Just two more mounts to go and Daraia will have 100.

While it isn't the Chopper, it works since I got a Chopper for my Hubby for Father's Day last year. I think my lowbies may get more use out of it but I do like the fact that it has 310 flight speed due to my other 310 mounts.

So don't forget to tell your Mother "Thank you" for taking the time to bring you into this world and thank you to my little minions for my Mother's Day gift. It truly fits your Mom.


  1. Now I now what to ask for on Fathers Day :)

    Nice one.

  2. Good luck with that!

    Have them start gathering the materials now, at least the price has started to go down on the Chopper a bit. And Thanks for stopping by!