Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dangers of Killing Spree

Soooo....last night we went into ICC and I discovered something, Killing Spree ANYWHERE on the gang blanks leading to the upper halls is a BAD idea.

This is what it looks like from the top
and this is what it looks like after you have been flung off the edge and land at the bottom
might I just add, it is a LONG fall.

On a brighter note I FINALLY got an upgraded dagger for my Assassination set. Heartpierce. I also managed to pick up Band of the Bone Colossus. It was very nice to actually get some upgrades for what is suppose to be my MAIN spec that I haven't been able to use it much because my Combat set is so much better.


  1. My heart is pounding whenever I'm using KSpree in tight spots. From experience it could go really bad, and as you point out, it does sometimes.

  2. Usually we fight in the doorway and I am fine but last night one of the hunters decided to go out on to the bridge so when I hit KS I ended up flying out to his severed essence.

    This is the first time I have actually gotten flung off, but I remember other rogues talking about it happening on Nightbane in Kara and on the walkways in Halls of Lightning.

    Price you pay for getting to cocky I guess, but it sure made me laugh since my DBW had also procced so I was a big red Tauren falling into oblivion.

  3. This has always been a problem :( There I am happily Deepsin away and then I pop KS and wtf where am I? Have I been thrown off the edge? Have I been teleported into a box? Am I in a corner or under the ground? KS is just buggy full stop :(

  4. It is that element of error that I really love about KS. Most of the time it executes perfectly but other times you get a surprise journey.

    But isn't playing a rogue all about the risks?

  5. Hehe, who needs a mage when you can KS into a wall?

  6. Hmm that's strange, I've done ICC a buncha times and never died to killing spree in that area >.> perhaps because I am always spree'ing "upward" towards a valk which keeps me in the air? Indeed as someone mentioned above, one time I flew off of Nightbane's balcony in Karazhan and ended up in some secret unpopulated part of the map which I had to be summoned out of! Killing spree is particularly exciting when you're using it on one of the Lich King's Valkyr Shadowguards and it's about to head off the edge... with you spree'ing after it! :D Interesting bug....