Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rep: The Frostborn

If you are Alliance and have NOT done any of the quests in The Storm Peaks for this faction you have missed out on some of the BEST lore related quests in the game. While some are taken completely by surprise at its revelations, others may have caught the foreshadowing of its conclusion from a quest chain back in Dragonblight and like me have been anxiously anticipating it. With the release of Icecrown Citadel the "secret" is out. Muradin Bronzebeard, the second of the Bronzebeard brothers, weapons instructor and friend to Prince Arthas, is alive and wanting to clean up the mess he inadvertently created when he told his young companion about the legendary sword Frostmoure.

The Frostborn are a special race of dwarves discovered by Muradin shortly after his and Arthas' encounter with Frostmoure. Unlike the "Flesh" Dwarves who completely succumbed to the curse of the flesh, their stone "froze" locking them into the state they are presently in. They were exiled and while they continue to be aware of the Titans and revere them, they no longer serve them like the Earthen. This made them vulnerable to the battle that was going on between Yogg-Saron and the Titan Guardians.

When Alliance Players first encounter them in Storm Peaks that is exactly what is going on. The Frostborn are pinned in by the Iron Dwarves, a product of the Mecognomes and servants of Yogg-Saron. The Explorer's League has discovered the Frostborn and manged to gain their assistance in furthering their research by OFFERING assistance in protecting and defending the Frostborn. There are only Fifteen quests for this faction, only one of them is a repeatable daily. So before patch 3.3 gaining exalted with this faction took a LONG time. Now it is only a matter of running level 80 dungeons with out wearing a faction rewarding tabard.

Don't skip the quest chains though, as I mentioned they are rich in lore and some of them are the most enjoyable ones I have encountered in the game. My favorite of all time is The Brothers Bronzebeard in which you fly out off the Engine of the Makers on the Wing of Brann's Flying Machine and fight off Iron Dwarves. The ending of this quest is of course the very best part and had me jumping up and down yelling "I was right! I was right!" Just be careful to follow Brann closely so that you get credit.

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