Saturday, January 30, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Andello Porter

I am sure some of you are wondering why would we look at an individual WAY back in the OLD world? Hang in there with me and I think you will be surprised. Andello Porter is an unique SI:7 agent in that he is friendly both to the Alliance AND the Horde. Originally he was located along the bank of the stream just outside of  Tabetha's Farm in Duskwallow Marsh, but apparently she felt sorry for him and built him a dock after the goblins moved in over at Mudsprocket in Patch 2.3.  Many believe his supposed "friendliness" towards Horde is nothing more than a ruse, it also may have something to do with his location. Tabetha, while being human, is a neutral quest giver for both Horde and Alliance players. I am sure having someone picking a fight just outside her door step would annoy her greatly.

Andello's job is to closely monitor what all is going on in the volatile region of Duskwallow Marsh, especially in regards to the Horde. His location near the home of a powerful mage gives him quick access to Stormwind in order report at a moments notice. He is the ending point for an easy to miss drop quest off of Apothecary Cylla at the nearby Direhorn Post. What makes this quest note worthy is that Andello doesn't really know what all he has discovered.  The Horde version, which takes the letter to Nazeer Bloodpike hints for the first time that all may not be as unified amongst members of the Horde factions, especially in regards to the Forsaken as many had believed. This will reach its dramatic conclusion in Dragonblight.

As to the outfit Andello is wearing I have not had much luck in discovering its pieces other than it appears to be identical in make up to that of his colleague stationed at Chillwind Camp in the Western Plaguelands Flint Shadowmore.

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