Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Fix Nerfs

Today when I got on to do my daily dungeon for my Frost Badges I finished my run and did a quick check of my Recount as usual. I about fell out of my chair...what happened to my dps? Granted I was running with out any buffs but it shouldn't have been THAT low.

Tonight for my husband's Birthday run he decided to he wanted to do Black Temple so we 15 manned it. Again I finish the run, looked at the numbers and almost cry...WHAT HAPPENED?!?! I check and find THIS lovely piece of information:
As many of you have suspected, we think rogue damage is too high. We will be making hotfixes to lower the maximum damage output of Assassination and Combat rogues. The Combat nerf will be slight. Both specs should still do just fine on damage meters (assuming skill, gear etc.) but shouldn't be beating out other specs to such a large degree.
The thing that bothers me the most is this post was made AFTER the Hot fix had ALREADY been implemented.  At least the one regarding the rogues. If they are going to Nerf us at LEAST have the decency to TELL us about it. Not AFTER the fact.

So what all got nerfed?

  • The base damage bonus from Hunger for Blood has been reduced from 10% to 5%.

  • The bonus damage rogues gain from attack power for poisons has been decreased. This applies to Instant Poison, Deadly Poison, and Wound Poison.
The only NICE thing we got out of this hot fix was that Stealthed rogues should no longer trigger traps in Ice Crown Citadel from long range and that is a debatable as one of my FAVORITE jobs in ICC was to break the traps. With Cloak of shadows I could just wipe the aoe and sprint away so the tanks could pick up the Statues.

My guess is this change is going to force us to be looking at Agility again over Attack Power...yet ANOTHER re gem....come on guys this is getting stinking EXPENSIVE and I have access to free gems via PvP. But complete regems every week is ridiculous. I am not a big one on QQing and I will leave it to the experts at EJ's to figure out all the math but even I can see this is going to be causing us some head aches.


  1. Sorry to hear that Dar, I have been following the blue posts too, and looks like prot warriors are going to get some type of nerf because, get this....they are overpowered in PVP!!

    do the devs even play anymore or just listen to whiners on the forums, sometimes i wonder

  2. I did the same thing, I did my Daily for frost, then raided, and was like man it feels like I'm swinging my daggers through mud. Then today I read the forums and I was upset/peeved because last night I decided to regem to AP after weeks of going "Oh no, we'll be nerfed and I don't want to regem until I know for sure."
    Just frustrating.

  3. I find it amazing how much better a rogue must get at 80 compared to where I am right now (level 35). Warlocks dominate on the damage metres, and although I haven't done any PVP or dueling I can gaurentee they'd beat me; yet that are the one that got buffed and we got nerfed. I can't really feel the nerf as I respeced when it happened and my DPS went up, but I'm sure thats another one of the things I need to be closer to 80 to notice.

    PS this is Nefarious from, I don't have any of the proper profiles to comment as so I'm just using my boring Google one.

  4. This is the thing, I haven't leveled a rogue in a LONG time but they never really got "interesting" for a lot of people until about level 50. At that point things really start cooking.

    We are also a VERY gear dependent class for our damage output. Frankly most melee dps are.

    From what I understand many of the changes we are seeing are geared toward the upper levels and they are not looking at the lower level scaling. For classes like rogues where our poisons ARE our damage that really can have a large impact.

    And thanks for stopping by Christina! :)