Thursday, January 7, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Galkara the Assassin

Wandering about the Underbelly of Dalaran is our Lore figure for today. Galkara the Assassin, is a member of the infamous Dalaran Player NPC's.  A rather extensive group representing every class for both the Horde and the Alliance on the streets of Dalaran.The idea behind these guys is that they dress and walk around in a similar manner of the average player.

An Orc Rogue, Galkara represents Arena when it first began. She is dressed in the easily obtainable Opportunist set but carries no weapons. (With her name one would expect daggers, though for the time she represents many used Maces). This was the gear many Rogues wore when they first ventured into the Arenas at level 70. However Galkara has an inside deal somewhere which has allowed her to also optain a matching pair of boots and belt which are not available to players.

She is most frequently spotted at the Alchemist Cinesra purchasing poisons before she heads down to the Arena of Wills to see the Vendors there, at that point she will head up towards Krasus' Landing then disappear as she is called into an arena battle. She can also be spotted coming from the inner room at the Cantrips and Crows Inn then making her way around the Arena of Wills before disappearing. Unlike the majority of the other Dalarn Player NPCs Galkara is never found above ground. Like the rogue she is her home is in the lower levels and the shadows as she works her way up the Arena rankings.

Many have been filled with curiosity about her but she doesn't have time to stop and chat. You can't even get information about who her partners are or in which brackets she is competing. Perhaps she is only just participating in practice ones. At this point we may never know as she again fades away.


  1. I am remiss in saying that I have yet not had the pleasure of meeting our assassin sister. I fear my time spent in the Dalaran sewers is limited, though I do enjoy a drink at Cantrips and Crows whenever I am in the "neighborhood" - usually to collect mushrooms.

    I will have to make Galkara's acquaintance, see if I can possibly get a little more detail from her. Us Dwarves can be very persuasive you know.

  2. I usually catch her when I am down in the Underbelly re stocking poisons.

    I will admit to following her on more than one occasion...what can I say, my curiosity hasn't killed permanently yet...