Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extreamly Messy yet successful Runs

Lets just set the stage here for what all has been happening so far. Our Healing Lead's Daughter is getting married this weekend so she has been busy all week. IF she manages to make a raid is she often late so the rest of the raid leads just look to see if we have enough healers. We have no clue about specs, abilities, etc like she does. It just isn't our job, oh we have a GENERAL idea, but that is about it.

In addition to this we tend to do all of our Alt and quest runs earlier in the week then our progression runs later, this just works better for our guild membership. Tuesday's are usually our "Weekly Quest" night, Wednesdays is "Dragon Night" (We go kill all the Dragons from Onyxia through to Malygos.) This leaves Thursdays for TOC and Fridays for ICC.

So this week the raid boss quest was Instructor Rezuvious. Lets be honest here, how long has it been since the vast majority of us set foot inside Naxxramas beyond heading up to Sapphiron? We had 25 people on. The debate was, do we just run 10 mans, (since we were planning on doing a bunch of alt runs ANYWAY) or do one big 25 man THEN do the Alt 10 mans. We had two priests so we decided to just do the 25 man.

Our secondary healing lead looked at all the healers (we had 6 INCLUDING the priests) and said "Great! with all these healers I can go Boomkin." We had to remind him that two of them would not be healing but mind controling bringing that total back down to four healers. So rather disappointed he remained a tree.

The tanks decided to take the entire first floor in one pull. This was fine other than the occasional whirl winding warrior who would break loose to go wade his way toward a mage. We managed to clear it all with only a couple of deaths. The majority of us knew the instance well, even if we were a tad rusty and even our brand new level 80 who was raiding for the very first time in his LIFE was over geared for it.

We headed down to the second floor where the tanks picked up the Trash and we cleared up to the Boss easily. This is when the trouble began. By this time the tanks were getting cocky and wondering if they were geared enough to Tank Razuvious on thier own and ignore the use of the adds completely. (They always hated having to rely on the priests anyway).

One of the priests suddenly realized he was only one of a PAIR and was going to need to Mind Control. He then began to have second thoughts about the whole idea of doing this in 25 man after such an extended break and attempted to talk someone ELSE into bringing THEIR priest in to do it instead.

Our temporary healing lead had gone off to hide when the tanks started their delusions of grandeur talk declaring loudly that he refused to be turned into kindling on their behalf. This confused the other healing druid and we suddenly saw a tree start down the ramp headed straight for Razuvious.

The boss is pulled.

Our newbie, never has done a raid before in his LIFE does the only logical thing. He yells "RUN!!!" over vent....half the dps go with him. The priests scramble and manage to pick up two of the Understudies as they run past in pursuit of the fleeing dps. The Tanks, thinking to save the healers start beating on Razuvious but the priests have got him under control, soon they are just dpsing away along with the few dps that remain. Eventually the Understudies decide the cowardly dps are no fun and the arena. That's right they completely ignored the fight going on and raced back to their target dummies to get some more practice.  By this time I am yelling at my dps to get their sorry butts back down there and kill the boss. Sheepishly they all return.

It isn't until Razuvious is at 35% that is other two students get a clue that they have been missing out on the fun. Finally they decided to join us with the tanks picking them up allowing the priests to pull Razuvious back towards the arena and away from the patting Death Knights.

Razuvious goes down as do the students and we explain to our Newbie that this is how NOT to do a raid fight. We all also lament the fact that NO ONE had recorded it.

Then last night we headed into Onyxia. This time our healing lead is up to her eyebrows in wedding stuff. She is THERE...kind of. She is on the phone with her daughter. So while she can keep the main tank alive, she is paying absolutely no attention at all to the rest of the healers in the group. She doesn't even know who all we have with us.

So the raid leader just counts healers, two priests, two Paladins and a Shaman, what could be wrong with that? Off he goes. BOTH of the Priests were Discipline spec. Yep, that's right, we headed into Ony with only ONE healer that could heal multiple targets. In addition to that we were melee heavy. Our secondary healing lead had been on his Mage to try to balance out the melee issue. Once she realized what the issue was and had him switch back to his druid, Success!!

There is nothing more frustrating that wiping on stuff you have on farm....only to find that it is due to simple over site on your part because you are SO use to individuals taking care of certain aspects of a raid you failed to take the time to consider that they are not there to do it. So I think I am going to have to make a special effort this week to make sure that Schaikera knows how much I appreciate her.

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