Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Sinking Ship

Now before some of you jump to conclusions let me just start off by saying, no I am NOT talking about my guild, the game or anything of that nature. This post is here as an explanation of why my last KYRL was two days LATE of all things and why posts have been more thin in content.

When I started this blog, I just thought of it as a "guild thing" so call me shocked when people from OUTSIDE my little frame of reference began to take interest in it and even go so far as to FOLLOW my ramblings. To keep myself from panicking, and because I was CERTAIN eventually you would all come to your senses and move on I just keep thinking of it as a "guild thing" with out taking any note at all to how many people actually stop by to read or see what all I am writing about. Which works ok, to a point. The point is when I have things going on that effect my blogging and those outside have no idea what is going on.

So this is what has been happening this past month. I walked into my kitchen and noticed that there was a slope in my floor near my refrigerator. I have 12"x12" tile all across my 16'x22' kitchen so having a slope and a dip in the floor was rather odd. Further investigation revealed that the crawl space UNDER my kitchen had been constructed incorrectly and the only reason my refrigerator and freezer had NOT fallen through the floor was due to the drain pipe running under them. The entire crawl space was COMPLETELY rotted out. The only thing holding up my floor at this point was my tile.

So for the past month that is what I have been dealing with. Contractors, insurance adjusters, and Kitchen planners attempting to come up with a plan to get my kitchen fixed. Doing this in January, in a Northern State where you have SNOW makes it all the more challenging. Thankfully the ground has not frozen but it did help kill off the mold. It has been a blessing in disguise, or at least that is how I am choosing to look at it. As we had to demo our deck to get to the kitchen crawl space we discovered our gas line had ALSO been installed incorrectly and was now almost completely rusted through to the point that it could break at any time. With the economy being what it is I have had no difficulty in getting GOOD contractors in who are doing work AHEAD of schedule of all things. It is just I had not planned on doing a $20,000 renovation at this time.

Needless to say it has cut into not only my writing time but my playing time. Last night was the first time I got to take a whack at Saurfang (it was nice to walk away with both the achievement for completing that wing and the I've Gone and Made a Mess.) However I am feeling rather guilty that I am having to skip out on a lot of raids. Tonight we are going back in to hit the rest of Icecrown Citadel which I am looking forward to.

So that is what has been going on. With real life taking such a HUGE chuck of a attention at this point it has really cut into my "relaxation time" which is what I consider my blog and WoW time. Things are going well and SOON, (next week they tell me) I should have a floor in my kitchen again so I can perhaps within the next two weeks be looking at cooking on my stove and not trying to feed a family of six out of a microwave. I know some people manage it all the time but I am not one of those people...I think microwaves should only be used to warm up left overs. First thing on my agenda will be to do some baking.

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