Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rep: The Mag'har

The intention was to cover this faction LAST week, however my computer decided to take a holiday so here we are. Some of you may have wondered why I didn't included The Mag'har the Horde only faction when I discussed their neighbors the Kurenai. The reason is quite simply their Lore. Even if their reputations are gained in VERY similar ways it just didn't seem right to over look their rich lore histories.

The "mag'har" in orcish means "uncorrupted ones". Which is ironic as this faction was created prior to the introduction of fel magic to the orcs due to a plague that was effecting them called the "red pox". The Frostwolf clan had established a quarantine village headed by Grandmother Geyah as a way to treat and contain the disease. As this Plague was both considered a weakness and more powerful than the average shaman could handle many of the other clans sent their sick to this village rather than deal with them themselves. This is why such notables as Gorrosh Hellscream, Jorin Deadeye and Saurgang the Younger are also located here.

As the rest of the orcs fell prey to Magtheridon and became corrupted by their close contact with those who used fel magic the Mag'har retained their original coloration and communion with the spirits. Even when Draenor was torn apart around them their area was basically untouched by the demons their brothers had unwittingly invited to invade as the Naaru worked to protect not just the Draenei but these Orc's as well. Interestingly while many of the other Orc spiritual leaders denied the Naaru's existence these orcs not only are aware of them but working with them.

Horde players will first encounter this faction in Hellfire Peninsula. With this much corruption in the world you can't expect that the Mag'har will just greet you with open arms! In Thrallmar you will find a quest called "The Assassin". This will start you along the path to finding out about the Mag'har and to reuniting Warchief Thrall with his birth family. This quest chain will first take you to a small Mag'har outpost just north of Hellfire Citadel. From there players must journey to the main Mag'har City of Garadar in Nagrand. (Note: you must complete to at least "A Spirit Guide" to speak to anyone in Garadar.)

Once you are in Nagrand the manner in which you can gain reputation with the Mag'har is very similar to the Alliance with the Kurenai. You can simply kill Kil'Sarrow cult members, Murkblood broken, Warmaul or Boulderfist Ogres. Personally I think farming the ogres and turning in the Obsidian Warbeads is the most beneficial. In addition to this, there are quests, (fifty seven in all) which will give you reputation towards this faction.

Again, WHY go after this particular faction reputation? There are actually a few things to consider.

Mount collectors of course will desire Provisioner Nasela's Talbuks. However LORE nuts will NOT want to pass up the LAST quest in the epic chain Hero of the Mag'har. (While this is NOT what you will see IN game it is a TASTE of what it is ABOUT.) Just a word of warning. If you are the type to turn in a quest and take off...DON'T, wait a few minutes or you will miss out. Sure we may not care for how it effects Gorrosh today. Some have even attempted to change the outcome, it is one EPIC quest chain.

Happy Grinding!

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