Monday, October 5, 2009

Ah the drunken Binge is over....

Finally the end of Brewfest!

Now granted it CAN be a lot of fun but I really can't get that excited about a holiday spanning two weeks that celebrate nothing more than getting inebriated. It only took running one heroic where the Tank said "Are you sure thish ish heroic? The Mobs are only level 72!" and having him careen all over the instance to make me not care for this particular festival. Fill a 25 man raid with individuals like that and I wanted to pull my hair out. Not only that but doing some of those achievements literally gave me a headache from the blurred screen....I guess it is a very good thing I don't drink in real life.

I managed to get my Brewmaster achievement without to much fuss. I also was able to pick up the Ram to go with my Kodo from last year so another mount for my collection. Still no Remote but I can live with that. I also picked up the Pink Elekk for my pet collection, figured I may as well, I had more than enough tokens.

For the first time I am now a part of the Brew of the Month Club.  The plate wearer in the family participated in this last year and loved it. In fact he was most distraught to discover that he had to renew his membership each year, so quickly became motivated to do it yet again. Recalling some of the effects of these monthly beverages I admit I am rather curious to see what awaits me in the coming year as now many of the guild will be participating along with me since we are FULL of achievers.

I will enjoy my two week break before we are back at it again farming Scarlet Monastery Graveyard for the Headless Horseman's mount. Already there has been expressed the question of "Do you think they may have upgraded his gear as well?" Many of the plate wearers in our guild are DESPERATELY hoping to see his laughing helm. Not only that but the Flying Broom was always a great favorite. I haven't heard or seen anything to indicate an upgrade so we can only hope at this point.

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