Friday, October 2, 2009

Can we PLEASE put on the brakes already?

What is the stinking RUSH already? Suddenly I have SOOOO much more understanding of my parents from every childhood vacation. You know the ones where they drag you to some site and you as a child rush to the only thing that interests you while they seemly drag their feet by EVERY STINKING BRONZE PLAQUE from here to Timbuktu reading each word while you wait impatiently to move on.

I can now empathize with my parents. I feel so RUSHED with this expansion.

It is not unlike being at a restaurant where I am not being allowed to ENJOY each course because as soon as I am handed my portion they are waiting at my elbow to give me my next serving. The only nice thing is at least they don't whip the LAST one off my table...USUALLY.

Here we have JUST gotten patch 3.2.2 with the Onyxia raid (the one they said we would not see until November.) And now PTR is starting on Patch 3.3 and Ice Crown which means it will most likely hit by CHRISTMAS for crying out loud. I STILL haven't even had a chance to finish Ulduar, Sarath 3D due to my more limited play time, plus the fact that I would ALSO like to work on some other things. (Still TRYING to get that Darkmoon Faire Rep for the Insane Title).

What is really interesting is that it isn't just ME that I hear commenting on this, even HARD CORE raiders are commenting that NO ONE can expect to have full BiS gear before the next raid comes out, there just is not enough TIME to gather it all. What is the stinking HURRY? Are they REALLY that worried about the new MMO games coming out?

I have looked at Aion, while graphically attractive I couldn't get past the fact that the females are in 4 inch heals for crying out loud. (STILL have no idea why this bothers me so much but it just TOTALLY grates on my nerves.) Many of the others haven't even registered an interest.

Now I will admit I am VERY curious to see what the proposed "Vanish fix" will be. IF, and that is a HUGE if, it actually DOES go live because they have actually stated that if Vanish worked as intended it would be "Over Powered"....sigh....What will we have to give up in return? Why are they so FIXATED on rogues? LOOK AT THE DEATH KNIGHTS and leave us alone...we have been quietly trying to hide in their shadows this expansion while people yell about THEM for a change it ALMOST seemed to work, we got by with few changes over all.

I just wish they would put on the brakes and let me ENJOY this expansion because the biggest problem I see is that once the NEXT patch is announced that is all any one wants to talk about so it makes it difficult to keep ANYONE focused on the stuff we still have here NOW. At times, like my parents must have on our family vacations, I feel like I am attempting to herd cats.

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  1. That was exactly how I felt when Cataclysm was announced, and everyone was clamoring for it before we had even seen the full content of this expansion.