Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rep: Kurenai

The Kurenai (which is Draenei for "redeemed") are an Alliance only faction found primarily in Nagrand but they do have a small base at Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh. The Kurenai are the escaped remnants of the Draenei defenders of Shattrah City during its destruction at the hand of the Horde and Legion forces. Due to the poisoning they suffered there they were transformed into what is now known as the Broken. Many went insane as a result of what befell them and even more were later enslaved. Unable to coexist with the other Draenei who had escaped they created for themselves their own home in the city of Telaar in Nagrand. While there are other Broken factions scattered around Outland the Kurenai are the only ones actively pursuing reestablishing contact with it's Draenei brethren.

Alliance players will start out unfriendly with the Kurenai (Horde at Hostile) but gaining reputation with this somewhat cautious tribe is rather simple if tedious.

Simply killing Kil'sorrow cult members, Murkblood Broken, Warmaul and Boulderfist ogres located around Nagrand with give you 10 reputation each with them all they way up through Exalted. Personally I would recommend the ogres over the other two so that you can also gather the Obsidian Warbeads which can be turned in for a repeatable quest that gives 500 reputation each turn in of stacks of 10 for this faction.

In total there are 44 quests which give out Kurenai reputation. Nine are located at the Haborage in Zangarmarsh but the rest are all in Nagrand. One of the more memorable chains is the one involving Corki. This overly curious adolescent happens to be the son of the head of the Kurenai and players will repeatedly be asked to go rescue him from his latest act of stupidity.

One of the most motivating factors for gathering this reputation is the eight epic Talbuk land mounts made available to collectors by Trader Narasu.

Happy Grinding!

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