Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of Swine Flu, Dust and Dells...

So after blogging on Monday I shut off my computer only to have it decide..."yeah that was to much work, I think I will take a break now". The power supply was shot. For the past few months I had been having problems with it randomly powering down but this time it refused to power back on. So a quick call to Dell (since it thankfully is STILL under warranty) resulted in the dreaded "In two day's you should hear from one of our service representatives once new parts are in."

In addition to that the guys in the house have been sporting "colds" but failing to share with dear ole Mom the full symptoms of those "colds"...Yep, we have Swine flu. So a quick run to stock up the pantry before the rest of the house hold falls to the effects. The Platewearer in the family (who we blame for bringing it to us via work) has been informed he is NOT to return to work until Monday. So he will be working from home and getting underfoot for the next few days.

So last night (much to the GREAT distress of my children) I was forced to play WoW using THEIR computer. I was reminded how much I ENJOYED my 22 inch flat screen monitor, key bindings, mods, graphics card and all the OTHER toys I was now having to do without.  Thankfully we have JUST moved to a new raiding schedule so I wasn't attempting to RAID on it, but just trying to do Occulus was a challenge as I couldn't even FIND the boss at times due to my more limited graphic settings.

Thankfully joy came with the morning when I received a call that Dell had gotten my parts and would be sending a tech out before noon today to fix my computer. He arrived to discover that while I did a WONDERFUL job removing dust from AROUND my computer, I need to remove the case from time to time and remove it from INSIDE it as well.

So now, while I may ache all over due to the flu I once more have my computer to keep me company...along with almost every other male member of my family. Somehow we will make it through.

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