Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rep: The Aldor and The Scryers

In the Northwest Corner of Terokkar Forest lays the City of Shattrah. Once the capital city of the Draenai on Draenor it is now a city divided. Many factions call it home and players can spend a great deal of time working to learn all of its nooks and crannies. However two main factions stand at polar opposites in this city and no one can be friendly with both. The Aldor and The Scryers.

With the introduction of the Wrath of the Lich King the importance of these two factions has been greatly diminished. At one point players often agonized over which faction to support based upon shoulder enchants, trade recipes, as well as quest rewards. Today, the major factor which seems to impact individuals is the height of the rises and character race. I want to bring one more element in to the mix: ease of reputation grinding. Now until you have completed the quest City of Light and determined which faction you wish to support you can wander at will on both rises.

The Aldor - Located on the highest tier in Shattrah are the Aldor, an order of Draenai who serve the Naaru. If you are a Draenai player you will start out automatically friendly with this faction. All others (save Bloodelves who are hated) will begin at neutral. The rise is rather spread out so it may take you a bit to locate everything.
Adyen the Lightwarden located almost in the center of Aldor rise has two repeatable quests which can be done until Honored, at level 68 two more will open up, for a total of four. The first two quests involve turning in Marks of Kil'jaeden which drop off the low level demons found in Negrand and Terokkar Forest. These can be turned in groups of 10 for 250 rep or or individually for 25. (If you are a human do it individually to take advantage of the human racial, all others do the by 10.) It will take you about 240 Marks to get you to Honored. At Level 68 you can begin turning in Marks of Sargeras which come from the higher level demons, some great places to farm these are Death's Door and the Forge Camps in Blade's Edge Mountains or Near the gate on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

Once you have reached Honored if you haven't also reached level 68 you may want to start turning in any Fel Armaments you have gotten to Ishanah the High Priestess of the Aldor located just inside the main temple. These can actually be turned in at any time and will give you Holy Dust which is used to purchase the various shoulder enchants. Fel Armaments give 350 Rep per turn in. A nice place to farm Armaments is Twilight Ridge in Nagrand.

The Scryers - Located on the opposite side of Shattrath on a lower rise are the Scryers. This is the direction that most individuals will go when it comes to choosing between the two of these factions. Why? If you miss the elevator the fall GENERALLY won't kill you. In addition to that, it is just a MUCH easier faction to grind and, well lets be honest here...their rise is just a whole lot more attractive.

So who are these skinny guys anyway? The Scryers are a bunch of Bloodelves who USE to work for Illidan and Kael'thas but who realized that their leaders were just plain crazy and when they were sent to attack Shattrath instead defected to the Naaru. Understandably The Aldor don't trust them a bit and the Scryers really don't have any use for the Aldor either. But they both play nice because the Naaru say they have to.

Just as the Aldor, the Scryers have a similar reputation building system. Bloodelf players automatically will start off friendly, Draeni players hated, all others neutral. Magistrix Fyalenn will take Firewing Signets until players hit honored, these can be easily farmed in either Terokkar Forest or Netherstorm off of the low level Firewings. Once you reach level 68 you can start turning in Sunfury Signets. These drop off the Sunfurys which can be located in Netherstorm, Shadowmoon Valley, or my personal favorite the Isle of Quel'Danas. What makes this easier than Aldor is that the Firewings and Sunfurys ALSO drop the Arcane Tomes which can be turned in at any time for reputation to Voren'thal the Seer.

Of course you can always purchase these items on the Auction House if wish but why waste the money?

Now all I have mentioned so far is the turn in repeatable quests, there are also faction SPECIFIC quests you can do that will gain you reputation as well. Most find it best if reputation grinding is the goal to focus on getting to honored FIRST before working on these quests. Again the Scryers come out ahead in this area in that they have 49 faction specific quests verse Aldor's 46. Just to reiterate, there is no right or wrong faction here, it all comes down to personal preference but you can not have both on the same character though you CAN change factions, at this point in time it really is not worth the bother.

Happy Grinding!

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