Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Know your Rogue Lore.

I had a rather distressing conversation today with another rogue. They just could NOT understand why the Alliance tier 9 gear was named after a "puny low level boss", further more why the Horde gear was called "Garona". After scraping myself off the floor I proceeded to bore the poor chap to tears with WHY these two were SO important to Rogue lore. As a result of this I have decided that since school will soon be beginning again and the all my little minions will be out of the house for at least the morning. I will be starting a new series on Thursdays called "Know your Rogue Lore".

The plan is to cover all of the Rogues of note as well as some of the more obscure ones. In addition to this I want to cover the Rogue organizations that we find scattered through out Azeroth perhaps even those in Draenor. We rogues are a sneaky lot, for many of us hiding in the shadows is what we do best, so finding out about these individuals takes a little more time than the average player may have to invest. However I truly believe knowing a little more detail about the world around us can make the roles we play rather fulfilling, plus sometimes is can answer the question as to WHY that ring you got in Karazhan might have come to be there.

Where does all this "lore stuff" come from anyway? Well besides the games created by Blizzard there are also Novels, short stories and Magna which Blizzard has commissioned authors and artist to make to expand or fill some of the "holes" in the World of Warcraft Universe. At times these "books" may even change or redirect previously understood lore for reasons of clarity.

One of the greatest figures in Rogue Lore, Garona Halforcen under went just such a "clarification" in the past year because her time line just didn't make sense. How could she BE a half orc/half human? She couldn't because humans weren't on Draenor yet, but she COULD be a half orc/half Draenei who just happened to LOOK more like a half orc/half human. Having HER not know the truth about her origins made it flow a little more smoothly. Things like this do not ALWAYS happen with such ease but it is an example of the type of detailed attention that Blizzard gives to the world we like to wander around in.

Every race on Azeroth has rogues scattered about their society save those of the Hoof baring kind. While Tauren and Draenei may CLAIM it is because the way of the rogue is just "to foreign a concept to their noble kind" we all know the truth....It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to stealth when one is naturally large and has hooves. Some of these rogues we never see, but only the results of their work in the game. Lets take the time to step out of it and get a deeper understanding as to this society of which we are a part.

If you have any particular rogue lore information you would like me to cover sooner rather than later please feel free to let me know.

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