Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Personal

I am going to do something COMPLETELY out of character for me but it is just such a neat thing I have to share.

Today is the Ninth day of the Ninth month of Two-Thousand Nine and my second born son is turning 9 years old. Now our family is not a huge "Birthday Party" kind of family. Particularly because we have so MANY birthdays in September it would just get to overwhelming. But something like this just calls for something special. So tonight we are having a party with all the grandparents. (When you already have a family of six adding four more makes for a good size get together.) It is a school night so we can't go TO late.There will be cake (cup cakes really since all my son really cares about is the frosting) and Pizza, which is one of his favorite meals.

Just a few years ago the very idea of doing something like this would have never accrued to me because my son has Moderate/Sever Autism and could not stand to be in the same room with anyone else while they ate. Ten people? Are you Crazy? He has worked SO hard and accomplished SO much these past years and I am SO proud of my bright boy. Now he sits at the table with us at meal times, trades plates with his brother's like you would expect from ANY boy. Sure he still has his particularities and routines which CAN NOT be changed, but over all I could not be more pleased to be facing this day. Even if it DOES mean that on only the second day of school I am deep cleaning the house in order to have company rather than sticking my feet up and playing WoW.

So Happy Birthday My Little Man! And for all of you wondering...yeah, don't expect to see me much today if at all.


  1. That is SO awesome! I hope he has an awesome birthday!

  2. Yes, it was wonderful and everyone had a lot of fun (we now have a new joke "Bungee Cake") Of course all the sugar and excitement meant that NONE of the boys slept last night but it will all work out in the end.