Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where does talent come from?

An interesting idea has been running the WoW blog community. The premise is "Gear doesn't really matter it is all about the person running the character." To a certain degree I can agree with this, but as is being debated how much of a role does Talent play? Most who are commenting seem to have reached the conclusion that Knowledge and Talent are KEY to success

The question then becomes where DOES talent come from? How can you BE that person behind the keyboard that can DO great and amazing things with your toon decked out in blues and greens while another in full tier gear may struggle? That it seems all comes down to natural talent and as with a musical instrument some of us are born with it and others are not.

Just as with music ANY one can become TECHNICALLY proficient at gaming. By this I mean, anyone can LEARN to push the right keys in the right order, but to make that music SPEAK you have to have TALENT. Talent is where PROFICIENCY is so ingrained in you, your personal aptitude and ability move beyond it to the heart of what you are attempting to achieve.

The greatest musicians in the world do not depend on their talent alone. They PRACTICE, and they go to others who are BETTER than they are, oh maybe only in one area but still they know that despite their innate abilities there is ALWAYS SOMEONE out there who is going to be better at what they do. They experiment and try new things to see what the results will be, knowing that the majority of the time those attempts will only give them learning experiences. That is how they view these attempts to do things outside the box "learning experiences" not "failures". This attitude is another key piece to the puzzle.

Talent is a funny thing. If you don't use it, you will find that it fades over time. Oh, you may be able to pick up that instrument and play a few notes but not to the same level and proficiency you once had. Any of the rest of you able to see the parallels to gaming yet?

I would not count myself amongst the TALENTED gamers. I am one of those who "fell into gaming" as the result of a significant other. Many of those who contribute to sites like Elites Jerks WOULD be. I am more like the individual who takes piano lessons because THEY enjoy to make music. Through practice, watching others who DO have innate talent, asking questions and again MORE practice I can pass to the uninitiated as being a "talented player". That is how those of us who may not have "talent" naturally can get it. By WORKING on it, and we will only get as good as we are willing and able to put the effort into it.

Thinking "outside the box" doesn't come naturally to me...because frankly I don't even know what the boundaries of the box ARE. This has at times allowed me to discover things that others may have missed (disarming hunter traps for example is a TON of fun.) On that same note however it has allowed me to make all SORTS of noob mistakes at times that until another rogue who KNEW better told me (Slow main/Fast off REALLY?) I was happily going around in ignorance.

So yeah, perhaps those talented players, the ones who are playing classes they know inside and out, who theory craft, push the boundaries and break barriers CAN do Ulduar 10 in blues. Does that mean that ANYONE can do it? No, but Blizzard IS trying to make it so that more of the REST of us can complete the content they have created in a timely fashion.

What I find most interesting is the response this has brought about. "WELFARE GEAR!" "DUMBING DOWN THE GAME!", the screams are loud and long. Have you ever stopped to notice WHO it is that is yelling the loudest? It isn't the BEST OF the BEST, the TOP raiding guilds and their members. Rather it is those who like many of us are AVERAGE players but due to HARD WORK and dedication have managed to improve their game to PASS for a naturally talented player. For them this IS a threat to all they have worked so hard for. It (in their minds at least) lessens their accomplishments.

The real question then becomes, why are you playing? For yourself and the enjoyment you find in the game? Or for those things that won't last much past the next patch? For myself, I will play to the best of my ability and do the most I can to improve my game and that of those I come in contact with who desire the same. I may never be a virtuoso but I WILL play my heart out.

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  1. And you Do! Excellent points as always. But you see I consider you naturally talented, you can play a number of toons at epic quality. That takes talent...God given.

    Not only that but to run a guild at the same time! :)