Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vis'kag the Bloodletter

Oh so long the Dark ages of Vanilla Wow there was a Raid called Onynia's Lair. To enter this hallowed hall took a LONG and laborious quest chain (the quickest I was EVER able to complete it took 3 1/2 hours) which required journeying all OVER Azeroth.  In those days it SUPPOSEDLY took 40 people working together to bring the brood mother down. (Personally I don't think I ever participated in a raid of more than 25).

Now Ony was the FIRST raid I ever did in WoW so she has ALWAYS held a special place in my heart. Not only that she always seemed to like me because EVERY time I fought her she would drop something I could use and usually I would walk out with it. But the FIRST time I EVER fought Ony she dropped and I won Vis'kag the Bloodletter. At the time I was Subtlety speced and did A LOT of PvP so the proc on that baby with Hemorrhage was TASTY. In addition to that I invested in the then top of the line Crusader enchant for it. I had that sword well into the Burning Crusade.

When I heard they were bringing back Ony AND the gear, one of the first things I asked was "Would Vis'kag return too with an upgrade?" Low and behold it did, in TWO versions, ten mans Singed and twenty-fives Tempered. Now compared to many of the weapons we see out of Ulduar or ToC 25 it really is not THAT wonderful in that it lacks stats, just a nice proc. But for someone who is still gearing up it is STILL a nice weapon in that it does a NICE amount of damage. If you don't have any of those others in your possession already it is a much more reasonable alternative to shoot for.

Last week the guild tackled Ony for the first time and downed her. I however was out of town so I missed it. So last night was my first chance to see her for myself. Really other than the addition of the guards in phase two the fight it self hasn't changed much. One review I read commented on her having a smaller hit box but I didn't notice that at all. In fact we actually were testing the range of her hit box and found we had more than enough room to get into trouble. We did both the 25 and the 10 man versions allowing me to walk out with three nice achievements. Two for downing her and She Deep Breaths More. (Surprise achievements are always the best in my opinion.)

Sure enough, Vis'kag dropped. Now  many of the guildies on the run have been together a LONG time so they all remember me with this weapon. So they were SURE I would want it. But (as happens a lot with me) there was one other rogue on that run who REALLY could use it. It made me SO happy to see my old friend go to a rogue who experienced that SAME feeling I did when I got that sword myself so long ago. The disbelief that it was MINE, the joy, the excitement. While I am sure you will not be using it NEARLY as long as I did, enjoy your new toy Cothan.

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