Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Know Your Rogue Lore: Timothy Daniels

Today I am going to be doing something a little different. Rather than look at one of the "Major" lore figures for Rogues I want to focus on a "Minor" one. SO minor in fact he is not really a lore figure at all. Rather he is just one of those interesting little characters you stumble across from time to time that can just make you laugh.

His name is Timothy Daniels and he is located in Zangermarsh in the Outlands. More specifically near the flight path at the Orebor Harborage. No one knows exactly what he looks like because one of the most striking things about Tim when you meet him is his fashion sense...The fact that he is wearing a Dive helmet and his gear is the Madcap's set. Tim is a quest giver as well as regent and poison vendor for Alliance players and when many of us rogues first hit Outland there was much excitement over one of his quest rewards.

Crimson Steer Energy Drink. Like Thistle Tea before it is the ONLY way for rogues to INSTANTLY restore energy to themselves in one shot. (If you didn't catch the joke Crimson Steer = Red Bull.) Rogues were OH so hopeful that FINALLY we were going to have a way to PURCHASE an energy restorative rather than having to brew our own but it was not to be. Now of course with the changes to energy regeneration the stacks of  Thistle Tea that many of us use to carry with us for raids are but a memory.

So what all do we know about Tim? He actually tells us quite a bit about him self and we can defer even more. He tells us that he was trained by Master Rogue Lee Sparks (and Lee does indeed claim him as a student.) There is also speculation that he may be related to Barkeep Daniels from Redridge Mountains but since we really can't see him it is hard to say. (Though Daniels IS human.) We can also defer that Tim is extremely self confident, perhaps a tad lazy and also rather self involved, (not that this is TO surprising of a quest giver) if he can get someone else to do his work for him and take the credit, he has no problem with that at all.

Tim calls himself "The Specialist". There is speculation that this could be in reference to two things. A movie  about an Assassin called "The Specialist" or a Blizzard Employee by the name of Timothy Daniels who handled Burning Crusade QA in regard to Content. Most likely BOTH are correct.  In addition to this Timothy also makes the comment "There are some who call me Tim..." Which is a quote from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie from Tim the Enchanter.

The Specialist was just one of those NPC quest givers that sparked my imagination as leveled through Outland and I never forgot him. One of the reasons for this part of his response at the completion of the quest he gives you. "Including ragveil in a poison is like a rogue wielding two maces. Sure, you can do it, but it isn't true to the essence of your calling!" That is EXACTLY how I feel about mace wielding rogues.

I hope you enjoyed hearing more about him.

Edit: Sorry guys, when I returned this morning after being away this past weekend it was to discover that for some reason this post didn't post last Thursday. So if you are wondering why you may have missed it that is it. Huge apologies for the delay.

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