Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rep: Gelkis and Magram Clans

Deep in Desolace around level 35 players will encounter two clans of Centaurs taking part in an eternal feud. The Gelkis and the Magram Clans.

The Gelkis Clan is considered the more "civilized" of the two in that they have a firm grasp on social structure and common trade speak. The Magram Clan's focus is on strength and power. You can only have positive reputation with ONE of these factions at a time (Pre patch 2.2.0 it WAS possible to have both.) But there is one MORE catch to these tricky Centaurs. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO FARM EITHER REP TO EXALTED. The HIGHEST you can get these reps is Revered and the way you have to do it is to grind all the way though Honored and THEN do the quest chains. Otherwise you will just cap out at Honored.

However if you want to just take a look at these two as possible quest fonder for your Loremaster Achievement or if you are leveling up a character and trying to decided which of the two factions it is better to go with, we can help out there too.

The Gelkis Clan has a longer quest chain and consequently gives an additional level appropriate gear reward but less experience points are gained. (15400 for Alliance and 11450 for the Horde) Their village is more compact making them much easier to farm for high level characters going back to farm achievements.

The Magram Clan on the other hand has a shorter quest chain but will give you MORE experience points for doing it. (16450 for Alliance and 12500 for the Horde) Their village is rather spread out making them much easier to farm for level appropriate characters.

So really it all comes down to personal preference. There is no "best one". It is possible to do BOTH quest chains, you just have to grind the rep back on the faction you were beating up the first time.

Since this is such a short post I wanted to take this time to mention a Rep faction that pre BC players also encountered around level 45 over in the Hinterlands. The Wildhammer Clan. These Gryphon flying cousins of the Iron Forge Dwarves USE to have a faction building quest in which you could turn in Troll Necklaces for bounty. There were a great many of us who ground this reputation to exalted because we knew that THEY were going to be the faction in charge of our flying mounts in Burning Crusade and we all were looking for that "rep discount". However when patch 2.0.3 hit this faction disappeared. They are indeed in charge of the mounts in Shadowmoon Valley for the Alliance but (my guess) since there was no comparable faction for the Horde Blizzard removed it.

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