Friday, June 12, 2009

Thirst for Improvement

You may have noticed that other than my "Achievement" series I haven't been blogging as much these past couple of weeks. The reason for this is two fold. One, as summer vacation has hit I have been trying adjust both myself and my children to the new schedule. Two, the plate wearer in the family is on call these weeks which throws our sleep schedule even MORE off than usual. Life WILL adjust I know but it takes time and WoW goes down on the priority list...WAY down.

But there is another thing I have been dealing with. A personal dissatisfaction with my own performance. I needed a chance to sit back and get a fresh perspective. The problem I am faced with is that I learn best from side by side comparison, visual and first hand experience. Since I am my guild's primary raid leader, to take a break and go out side the guild to do raids with ANOTHER group just causes all SORTS of other issues. (I have been basically told point blank DON'T YOU DARE!) So this makes things a little more difficult for me as I struggle to figure out changes to my class, tweaks I need to make to my rotation, gear, etc. not to mention various strats for bosses we have yet to do in our own guild.

I have gotten a couple of lucky breaks this week. Sand another rogue on our server happened to end up grouped with me while doing the Threat From Above daily today. Thankfully he was kind enough to stay grouped afterward and talk "shop" with me and give me some input. It was VERY helpful and encouraging. In addition to that Aldriana came out with his most recent spreadsheet. (Some of you may recall how long I had been waiting to get excel so that I could have access to these WONDERFUL tools and I personally like Aldriana's better than any of the others.) Granted it meant that yet AGAIN I am investing in gems and enchants but...well that is just what it takes sometimes.

What makes this all so funny is that I am constantly told what a "good" rogue I am while I personally see all that I LACK in my play abilities. I KNOW I am not a theory crafter...Algebra is NOT my forte so the fact that I play a class that is SO math driven makes my head spin...but love it I do. The guys over at EJ have my utmost respect and admiration, without them I CERTAINLY would not be doing as well as I am today. (Even if I don't understand half of what they are saying.) At this point all I can do is keep searching for more input and keep trying to do my best. Hopefully the solutions will come to me.

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