Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I love playing a Rogue

These are in no particular order just off the top of my head.

1. Every humanoid mob has two sets of goodies for me, the fun items I pick from their pockets (A Steamy Romance anyone?) And the items I take from their steaming corpses.

2. I seldom have to FIGHT my way to any target, saving me valuable time, just sneak in, take out the target and remove the evidence.

3. There is something just SO satisfying about having a warlock or shadow priest dot you all up with the expectation you will fall over dead, then removing all their hard work with just one move and proceeding to REMOVE them.

4. No one ever complains because I forget to buff them or give them a buff they don’t want.

5. Because butt cracks are SOOOO attractive why look at faces?

6. When a locked box falls I never have to wait to see what goodies may be contained inside I can experience IMMEDIATE gratification.

7. When referred to as red face paint I can happily ignore anything someone may be saying to me. I AM A ROGUE after all not rouge.

8. I never have to worry that I will be asked to do ANY other role but Melee Dps.

9. Black is SO slimming. (The occasional splash of Red to hide the blood stains works well too.)

10. In recent days I have discovered my class to be filled primarily with individuals who actually ENJOY the class rather than those who think they can face roll their way to the top of the damage meters.

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  1. #5: No wonder you like Pookie!