Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall Event

The Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall Events went live yesterday. My intent was to blog about them YESTERDAY. However circumstances conspired to thwart my intentions.

First of all it was the beginning of the school year for the minions which meant that I spent the entire day running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (For some reason our school district does not believe that Kindergartners should be bused for the first day of school.) This means you must transport them both to and from school, then stand around while they are IN school, avoiding any OTHER children you happen to have in the same building. (My first grader is of course directly across the hall from his brother which I am sure will be great during parent teacher conferences, not so wonderful while playing dodge-um.) My Middle schooler got released from school 30 minutes before his younger siblings only to return home and find it empty, so he sat next door informing our amused neighbor and her daughters about what a horrible mother I was because I forgot that HE had a different schedule than his brothers so I had gone out for a movie while THEY were at school. (Don't I wish.)

Once all the Minions had returned home I sat down for MY home work. (Yeah, first day of school and they EACH brought home a STACK of papers for ME to fill out.) My oldest even had one marked "Parent's Homework assignment Due Friday."  Lovely. You would think by now they would have finished with all the forms but apparently the government has come up with some new ones they want us to sign. By the time I waded through all of those it and the rest of our evening routine of supper, family time, bedtime routine, etc. My eye was watching the clock like a hawk.

The kids were in bed (sort of, we kept having to chase them back from time to time) and we FINALLY got to log on. It WAS a Tuesday night which for us usually meant doing the weekly raid. Thankfully it was something quick, Sartharion Must Die! So I headed over to my mail box, picked up the quest and headed out planning to finish Operation Gnomeregan then head to bed. Yeah, me and every OTHER person in Elder'Thalas. This meant that the quest givers were swamped, causing some of the quests to bug out completely. I ended up posponing it after spending a good hour looking at this:

Hopefully with all the kiddies in school and another good majority of people at work I can finish this event quickly and quietly. I have to admit though I am kinda disappointed. I don't know....I guess I was kinda expecting something...More? Maybe something more in line with the Argent Tournament or the Pre-Wrath Event. It just feels like the Gnomes and Trolls got short changed (no pun intended.) Perhaps it is because we have been hearing about this for so LONG and now it is getting swept aside by all the Cata hoopla.


  1. Yes, Zalazane's Fall definitely concluded with a 'thud' rather than a 'bang'. "That's it???" was the general theme.

  2. We have gotten so spoiled after such things as the Battle for Undercity and Wrathgate.

    After epic events like that having what was touted to be "epic campaigns" FINALLY using often ignored racial leaders only to have it end in seeming failure....Most of the Alliance is left with a feeling of....Well THAT was a huge exercise in futility.

  3. It only feels like a failure for now. Remember, the High Tinker promised another, better prepared attempt. And it must succeed - I've seen the Cataclysm starting zone intros and both Trolls & Gnomes have their own starting zones now.

    They really couldn't have done it different, could they? Or can Bliz layer on phasing into old content? Hmmm... did they do that already during Wrathgate??? OMG we've been ripped off!