Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evil Box of Wires....

My love/hate relationship with my computer is a thing of long standing duration. The interesting thing is whenever there is a problem I immediately assume it must be due to user error where as the Platewearer starts looking for hardware and software issues. These past few weeks have been a nightmare as I have been dealing with the stupid thing. Any time I attempt to write something of a longer length than a few paragraphs I can not be assured it will save it. I can not have more than 3 windows open at a time with out it becoming almost inoperable in lag. In addition I am suffering from random disconnects while on line. Needless to say it has caused me no end of an amount of grief. We have finally determined that I just need to update my operating system to Windows 7 which hopefully will be arriving within a few days.

Hopefully I will be back soon. Typing up a short story for Brewfest only to discover that three fourths of it never saved is depressing. In addition it is impossible to do research for any Know your Rogue Lore pieces when I can't keep any windows open without my computer locking up. It has also kept me from being able to spend ANY time on the PTR or even much time doing more than farming herbs. I have decided that time spent flying circles around Sholazar Basin in just may give you a swirly.

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