Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Library and Other Mementos

In real life as well as in game I can be a bit of a pack rat. This is offset however by the fact that I do have my limits. Once things reach the point of "Clutter" I get overwhelmed with what my Husband calls "Purge fits" where I start going through and asking myself "why do I still have this?" This week's Blog Azeroth shared Topic from Feraltree was "What mementos have you kept and why?"

Through all the purges, all the levels, the expansions, one thing has remained, carefully protected, tended and at times added to. My Library. It all started when I got my  A Steamy Romance Novel while Pick Pocketing in Outland. I had just suffered a hack and lost my previous treasures of tier gear and other items. As a result those novels have always held a special place in my heart as a pick me up. In addition to that I recall tormenting certain former guild members with them by reading them aloud over vent. Along with the original I also have the A Steamy Romance Novel: Forbidden Love (which is my favorite of the series) and A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure. If we were ever to get character housing they would need their own special place of honor in it.

Closely related to my library is a off hand item I have that I got this expansion with my new trade Inscription called Rituals of the New Moon. I actually have five of them as each will transform you into a different variation of wolf. It looks like a book, but as a rogue I can't really use them since I really have to have a weapon in my off hand and while hitting someone over the head with a book SOUNDS like a fund idea, they really are not one of our weapons of choice. I still keep them as mementos however. From time to time pulling them out to play at being a shammy.

Two other highly treasured pieces in my bags are my Orb of the Sin'dorei and Orb of  Deception. I actually carry these two with me at all times. The main reason is that I have always hated the human dance moves so whenever a dance party breaks out it is nice to have other options. The same with our jokes and flirts, they are just BAD. As much as people complain about racials I just wish they would fix our lameness in those areas. I know, I know the rest effect game play rather than aesthetics but still, most likely it will get fixed about the same time as the human male hair lip.

I have so many "Costume" pieces from all the seasonal events I don't even know where to start. I try to tell myself I am not a clothes horse but then I just have to gloss over the Bloodsail Buccaneer's Uniform and Admiral's Hat. Then I have my Undead Slayer's set, Argent Warhorn trinket, Haunted Memento and Monster Slayer's Kit from the Zombie invasion, do EACH of my characters REALLY need a full set of these? Apparently so.

Then I have my other little "trinkets" and I don't mean just the Barov Peasant Caller, Defender of the Timbermaw, and Seal of the Dawn. I still have my Banner of Provocation and Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer from when I was working on my Darkmantle gear back in Vanilla. There is also my Seal of Ascension, Scepter of Celebras, and Mallet of Zul'Farrak. Why do I keep these? Once they were used to summon things or open specific doors. Now they are pretty much useless trash....but I can't seem to toss them. The big reason being I remember just how much time and effort was invested in obtaining them in the FIRST place.

So while I might be able to justify keeping my Decahedral Dwarven and Worn Troll Dice for nights we do RP raids. I may even get away with my Happy Fun Rock, Voodoo Skull and Huge Snowballs saying I need them for ammo against annoying guild mates. Why do I keep all this stuff? Because sometimes just looking at makes me smile. Seeing them brings back the memories of when I first got it, or playing with it lighten the mood. That is why these items are called "Mementos" and why some Pack Rats stuff their bags full of them.

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  1. A very nice set of mementos - I love that you collect books, that never occurred to me, but then it's probably better or I'd need even more bankspace! :)

    special items with various effects (especially when cosmetic!) are great, I was never so lucky to receive the orbs but I love items like the deviate fish or magic eaters for that reason. the axe from karazhan which turns you into a guitar hero would have been awesome to have as well.

    oh and I keep snowballs too hehe, together with the snowman costume! ;)
    nice contribution!