Friday, September 17, 2010

I was Robbed!

Some of you may remember way back in Vanilla wow days when you could build reputation with the Wildhammer Clan in the Hinterlands by turning in Troll Necklaces. Back then it was a repeatable quest and reputation grinders (like me) farmed those silly trolls for hours in the mistaken hope that come the Burning Crusade we could get a discount on our Flying mounts. However when Burning Crusade arrived the Wildhammer reputation tab disappeared, (along with all that reputation) the reason being that since the Horde did not have an equivalent reputation it really wasn't fair. (Understandable but it still sucked.)

Well come Cataclysm the Wildhammers are back, and so is their reputation. They will even be presenting us with some nice Pants and Gloves. I am just crying because I have to get all that reputation back all over again....why can't they just retroactive it? Sigh....I know...I won't take me long once I figure out how to do it but it is still annoying.

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