Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rep: The Kalu'ak

The Kalu'ak are actually a faction of the Tuskarr even though most players will refer to them AS the "Tuskarr". While they ARE a neutral faction they most closely relate to the Horde and are actually responsible for assisting them in the establishment of their bases in Northrend. At least this is the official lore NOW, however ORIGINALLY they were at War with the Taunka (the northern cousins to the Tauren) this was later quietly changed to having them constantly competing with the Kvaldir and a small number of Gorlocs who happen to live along the coast rather than in Solazar Basin.

Physically they resemble walruses and have a society completely devoted to earning a living off the near by ocean. As fisherman they are unparalleled. Their dependence on the bounty of the waters seen in their construction and art. Despite their jovial looking appearance they are fierce fighters with a intense dedication to familial ties.

The average player will not be in Northrend long before their first encounter with this group as their settlements dot the cost line. However it IS easy to miss some of their more heavily populated areas as they prefer isolated coves. The three main settlements are Kaskala in the Borean Tundra, Kamagua in the Howling Fjord and Moa'ki in Dragonblight. These settlements are connected via flight paths as well as the neutral "turtle boat" ferry.

It is in those three locations that players will discover the repeatable daily quests which can be used to get this reputation to exalted. Beyond that there are 54 quests total which grant reputation for this faction. Unlike the majority of other early factions reputation can ONLY be earned via the quests, they do not make use of a tabard. One of the quests is slightly tricky as in order for players to gain access to "The Way to His Heart" in Howling Fjord is by FIRST completing the quest Swabbing' Soap over at Scalawag Point. (Another example of players inadvertently creating a problem they now get to fix.)

So why bother? The Tuskarr are skilled craftsman. (Not unusual when you consider they spend a great deal of time indoors during the more foul weather Northrend has to offer.) For lower level players some of the gear pieces they have to offer can be very handy while leveling. In addition to this they provide several craft recipes for Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers and even Tailors. The reason most individuals grind this reputation is for the Epic fishing pole and the Penguin pet.


Now Pengu DID undergo a recent coloration change so that he more closely resembles the Beta pet Chilly.  The above picture shows BOTH of them, with Chilly on the left and Pengu on the right. With patch 3.3 Pengu now ALSO has blue eyes rather than the original red, however he still larger than Chilly was and has a darker face color.

Happy Grinding!

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