Friday, February 5, 2010

Microtransactions and WoW

They said is was only a matter of time...

Bornakk announced the introduction of a new feature which will allow players to have access to the auction house via the armory OUT OF GAME, of course this will come at an added price. (About $5) It will allow you to access it via your phone etc. (IF they get it working as intended). Personally I don't think it is worth it but perhaps some Goblin's out there might.

Do we REALLY need all these new features? Well according to some of the feed back on the thread I guess people HAVE been clamoring for it. I am just not one of those people who want to know what my virtual money is doing while off line. I suppose the old saying is true, there is a new sucker born every day and if you build it they will buy.

Will it effect the in game economies? I am sure some will say so but I really don't see that happening any more than the in game pets did. Other than as I mentioned before more "goblins" playing the market but frankly if you are going to "pay real money" so you can watch your "virtual money" how far ahead are you REALLY getting? I have a nice pad of cash on my toons and I have NEVER played the Auction house game at ALL. There has just never been a need. I just run by the old fashion trend of "savings". I make more than I spend and do not have a large amount of expenses with a fairly steady income.

I guess I am just to "conservative" to have ever bought into the "get rich quick" schemes that most Goblin's seem to promote. It is actually rather funny since a good portion of my characters HAVE trades which COULD make a fair profit on the Auction house. I just don't have the patience or desire to play that type of game. I much prefer to use them to benefit myself and my friends.

So now I will sit back and enjoy reading all the "hell fire and damnation" posts that I am sure will follow this latest announcement. Some of them are actually rather funny. Time to go pop some popcorn.


  1. Yeah, I wrote about this today. The key term is 'premium account'. They are going to create two types of accounts with different prices and slowly add all the best features to the premium one, meaning that they effectively raise the monthly subscription fee.

  2. That is what it is looking like. The only thing is, what will these "features" be? So far the first one they have introduced is nothing I am the least bit interested in.

    Makes me curious to see what they will find that will be a "must have" for people to get them to switch and if it will be to much in this day and age for People to take.

    Frankly the fact that the subscription hasn't gone up in 5 years I can understand them trying something like this.