Saturday, February 13, 2010

I NEED this poster

Ok, maybe not NEED, but REALLY REALLY would LOVE to have this as a true poster for over my desk. The names of the various rogues (which the artist got from suggestions via twitter) are homage to all the HORRIBLE rogue names we detest yet are clever and funny. (Backsurgeon is my favorite.)

I am not sure how many of you have had the pleasure of checking out The Daily Blink, it is a  new web comic/blog that I hope sticks around. One word of caution, some of his stuff is not work friendly but over all I laugh out loud at just about every one he does. The format is as if you were looking at either posters or newspaper articles dealing with the daily happenings around Azeroth. Thankfully has added him to their Sunday Comics so hopefully he will get the support he needs to keep at it. Check him out and give him some love! I know he has become a permanent addition to my own comic list.

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