Thursday, February 4, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Deathstalker Zraedus and Infiltrator Marksen

Today's Know Your Rogue Lore is a Two for One because you just can't talk about Deathstalker Zraedus without bringing up Infiltrator Marksen. You may have noticed I am somewhat on a "foreshadowing" kick where I am looking at characters from our early questing days who had information that is impacting us directly now. There is another difference today, there is really no way you can look at Deatherstalker Zraedus as a "hero", this is a guy with a job to do and he doesn't care who gets hurt while he gets it done.

Deathstalker Zraedus is a Forsaken agent stationed at Beggar's Haunt, a lonely tower tucked up near the entrance to Deadwind Pass in Duskwood. Despite his rather out of the way location his job is a rather important one. He is to monitor Alliance activity in the area, keep an eye on the home of the Last Guardian Medivh, assist the Royal Apothecary Society members who come to him with whatever needs they have and most importantly keep the REST of the Horde from discovering his presence. Like all Deathstalkers his loyalty is to Varimathras first, even over the Forsaken as a whole. Unfortunately for Zraedus he has had a little bit of a problem with a certain scout by the name of Marksen.

Marksen is an Alliance agent who was given the task of monitoring the activities of the Horde in the Swamp of Sorrows. While doing that he stumbles across the Royal Apothecary Society working on the New Plague. Panicked by his discovery and what it could mean, he makes a break for Alliance lines only to stumble into a Orc patrol. Luckily for Zraedus Marksen's capture was preformed with the usual Orcish enthusiasm which means that he hasn't been in any condition to talk to ANYONE until recently. Zraedus can not be certain that Marksen will risk sharing his information with the Horde but he certainly is not going to allow failure to happen on HIS watch.

Zraedus comes up with a plan. He recruits a local horde player who happens to be passing though the area telling them that he is on a "Survey Mission" for Varimathras' and has noticed the local Orc's captured an Alliance spy. Since he can not leave HIS mission and he SO wants to help, would the player be SO kind as to speak with his colleague Royal Apothecary member Faustin?  He is CERTAIN with just a little help together we can whip up a "truth serum" for the Orc's "Guest".

I don't know how many Horde players I have talked to who reach the end of this quest chain and just scratch their heads bewildered....usually because they failed to read the text and listen to the comments made by the NPC's. As a result they had NO IDEA what was really going on.  I can only say if you have not done these quests yourself, (and it is an EASY one to miss) things do not go well for poor Marksen. He is only able to tell you that "the Forsaken are misleading the allies of the Horde" before he starts to feel dizzy. If you go back to Zraedus he has nothing more to say to you. You have served your purpose as far as he is concerned.

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