Thursday, February 18, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Drool The Griefer

I'm sure you all thought I had forgotten today. (No I hadn't but I was kinda busy demoing a wall in my bathroom so blog time got pushed back until REALLY late.)

Drool is another one of our favorite types of Rogue lore characters, a member of the Dalaran Player NPC gang. Yes, the Horde managed to have TWO rogue representatives, our protest is of course in the mail.

Drool has a uniquely colored Tier 6/Season 3 set which further sets him apart. (I personally like the look, but then black always DOES appeal to me on a rogue.) Of course he represents the classic rogue "pvp ganker" who spends the majority of his time doing nothing more than harassing others. However he is nothing but polite while wanders the streets of Dalaran checking out the various professions and banks before disappearing.

His name is derived from his lack of a lower jaw which causes him to drool at all times. Sadly he could not recall anything more from his former life, or if he does he chooses not to dwell on it, including his former name.

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