Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Those few pieces that allude me

Encypted Text was talking today about how WEAPON dependent Rogues are for our dps. I have to say I agree with him 100%. It is something I have been complaining about for a while as being a huge weakness of the class. Part of that is because when it comes to Weapons drops, specifically MAIN HAND weapons drops Daraia has VERY bad Luck. Things just DON'T drop for her, or when they DO drop she doesn't get them.

She has seen Calamity's Grasp drop ONCE and go to another rogue who was only there for that one fight from the ENTIRE RAID (No, the bitterness towards Warninja has not faded *cry*). She has also seen Silent Crusader drop and lose it to a Death Knight. (Again, the bitterness will fade they tell me...sniffle.) Off hand? OH THOSE she can get, but even then I can't get a pair so I would consider respecing. I DID manage to get my hot little hands on Webbed Death but another one to go with it? or Sinister Revenge even Anarchy? Nope.

Some in the guild even joke about Daraia's luck on Weapons. Her current Main hand is Greed. Whenever anyone complains about how many runs it took to get their Healing mace out of Nexus or their Tanking Sword out of Utgarde Pinnacle, They bring up Daraia. You have not FARMED an instance for an item until you have LOST TRACK of the number of times you have run it. (I lost track after 30 and I know from what others told me that it was at least over 50 runs before I finally GOT Greed because THEY all counted how many times they had run it with me.) I will say this for Blizzard the fact that they had a silly mount in there helped me a great deal in getting my main hand. All I had to do was say "who wants to go for a mount run?" and I could usually get a group.

Other than that only a few pieces of gear still allude me. Fool's Trial that I have seen numerous times and just lost the rolls. I know it will come in time. Belt of the Tortured this I have YET to see drop. And finally my helm. While I would of course prefer my Valorous Bonescythe Helmet I would happily settle for Hood of the Exodus. Which I have seen drop once but passed on to another rogue who was in a blue.

If it wasn't for the main hand weapon issue Daraia isn't doing to badly. It will be interesting to see as the new loot tables get fleshed out how this might change the framework for all of us Rogues who at this point struggle to get our DPS up when the gear just won't come our way.


  1. I just read that post on wow insider and as a mage a lot of it went over my head. I did notice that they said that Librarian's Papercutter is the third best dagger in the game for certain specs. How would one of those fit into your quest for gear? Would it be redundant as you already have a great off-hand or would you be able to move things around and see a dps increase?

  2. As he spoke of a Librarian's Papercutter would be a Good OFF hand. (He ALSO replaced it with a Webbed Death.) I actually use to have two before I went Sword Spec. I then switched to Fist/Daggers because I had better weapons for that (my most current ones) Good questions!

  3. Ahhhhh We need to pull out the Loot perogative next time! At least some loot council. Just something about making sure our GM and leaders are maxxed out on gear. Especially knowing what all of you go thru. :)