Monday, April 13, 2009

Re specing/Duel specing

It never fails...complain about loot drops and BAM there they go. This past few days has been a roller coaster FINALLY we see Silent Crusader drop. (It went to another rogue who happens to be sword speced so I am was PERFECTLY happy with that.) But that was not all...guess what I managed to pick up? Murder and Sinister Revenge. BOTH of these were because no one else could use them and they were off spec rolls...How sad is that?

So now I am in a quandary...what do I do? I already HAVE Webbed Death. Pair that with Murder and I have a REALLY nice Mutilate set. But then I have Sinister Revenge...with the upcoming changes in patch 3.1 it is looking like where now fast/fast is what you want for Mutilate Slow/Slow or Slow/Fast may be where it is going so I am sitting well with Sinister Revenge.

My husband watched me for a bit pulling my hair as I tried to figure out the math. (I know some of you are saying...Dar, plug them into the spread sheet DUH!) Well here is the problem...I have never had ACCESS to the spread sheets because I don't have Excel. For those of you who say use the "Open office" version you have never used these spread sheets because believe me, it doesn't work...I have tired. EVERYTHING I could think of save piracy and actually getting the Software. So there I was with my good ole napkin math trying AGAIN to figure out what to do when I got a kiss on the head and "I love you and the soft ware will be here next week". YIPPEE!! Can he give good presents or what?

Now I just have to wait and decided what spec I want to go with as main...If this keeps up perhaps I can get Calamity's Grasp next week and REALLY have a hair puller! (Yeah not holding my breath on that one.) In all honesty the hardest part I have with Mutilate is just GETTING the cycles. While it IS a fun spec to play it is not one that I am comfortable enough with that I can easily flow into the rotation. Sadly I feel unworthy of the weapons I have and like I NEED to go back to the drawing board so that they can be used to their full potential.

The other thing is I need to revisit my gear. Over all I should be ok gear wise to support a mutilate spec but my trinkets were chosen more for Combat, Darkmoon card: Greatness and Fury of the Five Flights. I still have my Mirror of Truth sitting in the bank so I can dust that off. Personally I believe my Crit is a little low at the moment so that will need some tweaking as well. It is going to be fun! (At least that is what I keep telling myself.)

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  1. Wuv You Dear. just shipped the order for Office 2007