Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch Day decisions

So I thought I would have a week to play around and figure out my specs but instead I get to decided TODAY!!

So this is what I am thinking:

Main Spec 15/51/5
Still stay combat. Right now I am glyphed with Sinister strike, Rupture and Slice and Dice. I will have to see if any of those need to be changed out, (I have been studying the Adrenaline Rush Glyph) but for now I am happy with them. I will be changing my poisons slightly in that I have been using Wound/Wound and will now be going to a Wound/Deadly Poison combo to take advantage of the new changes to those poisons or perhaps even DP/WP still figuring on that one. Rotation for now is a 3s/5r/5e but I will have to see if that needs any tweaking or not.

Secondary Spec 51/13/7
I am still debating on the weapons choices, for now I am going to go with Webbed Death and Murder. Glyphs I am thinking Hunger for Blood, Mutilate and Rupture. Poisons with be Instant/Deadly poison. Rotation I am thinking I will go with 4+n/e,4+r. Again it will take some work figuring it out as mutilate has never been one of my stronger specs.

So I have my plan of action now it is just waiting for the servers to come up and cancel all the raids for tonight since we all know from experience major patch days are NOT good days to try to raid. As to the plans for the rest of the week? That is still up in the air. I am already hearing the crys of "ULDUAR ULDUAR ULDUAR" but as to WHEN we will bust down those doors, yeah that is going to take me a little time.

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