Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Jokes

One of the things I like BEST about Blizzard is their sense of humor and their April Fools jokes Top the list. One of this years is fantastic.

Set up like "Shave and a Hair cut" this achievement's "cost" varies depending on what "features" you add. (Everything from Cosmetic to speed increases, Girlfriends to repair Gnomes.)

As with ALL good April Fool's jokes a good number of people fell for it and were up in arms about either the COST or the FEATURES which adds to the fun.

Of course then there is The Dance Battle System as well if you some how miss that one. (For those of us who DESPERATELY wish to change our dance this is a HORRIBLE tease. (You will notice no human females were seen in that video.)

Another one that has People going ALL crazy is the "Blizzard has taken court action against WotlkWikki and Closed it down" This has individuals TOTALLY up in arms and screaming in trade chat on our server. VERY few people have actually taken the time to think about the fact of what DAY it is before falling into complete panic.

Ah, fun times. I wonder what others I missed....I am sure we will find out tomorrow.

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