Monday, April 20, 2009

Since the patch

It has been about a week since we finally got patch 3.1, a full week earlier than I and many others were expecting to see it. So what all have YOU been doing? How are you liking it?

For myself, considering this is the LARGEST content patch Blizzard has ever done it has gone fairly smoothly only a few minor issues I had to personally deal with.

As expected the night of and following the Patch server stability was shaky. We had to cancel the raids both for Tuesday and Wednesday as a result of it. It was really not until Thursday that we had a chance to get back onto Nax and even then it went MUCH slower than the norm as people adjusted to their new specs and talent changes.

The Dual specs, (while VERY nice and convenient) were also causing issues as people were learning to adjust to them. Personally I have been dealing with the bug that resets my talent points every time I switch specs. Others were having to deal with complete gear switches and trying to remember which gear/spec they were in at the time. I was FINALLY able to convince my husband to allow Outfitter on our machines to replace ItemRack as I liked Outfitter's ability to handle the dual spec in a more convenient manor.

We did stick our noses into Ulduar and while we didn't get far (downed Flame Leviathan and did some rounds on Ignis.) The 75g repair bill was worth it as we had A LOT of fun learning the new system. Daraia's luck on off hand weapons STILL holds true as she was able to pick up yet another one, the Kinetic Ripper. I do have to say I REALLY like the look of it, much better than the usual "dead animal" you get with most other fist weapons.

Other than that I FINALLY hit 5000+ Achievement points Tuesday, a personal goal I had for myself. I could have gotten them sooner if I was not so cheap and refusing to BUY anything. Purchase mounts or pets for an achievement? Not going to happen. I am so cheap I won't even buy the tabards you need for Twenty-Five Tabards even though I could EASILY get it. So it has taken me a little bit longer to reach this milestone than it could have. I am even thinking of starting a series on achievements and how to get some of them.

The Argent Tournament has also started and I am sure all of you are working on, if you have not already achieved your Champion title today. Daraia of course got hers with Stormwind and has now started on Gnomeregan. (Of all the pets I really would like the little Mechanopeep.) She is once again in possession of her slave, The Argent Squire.

She has also been working on the fishing daily, (not for the Turtle mount) but rather to get the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat which she had been unable to obtain until today. If we keep getting the Jewel Of The Sewer everyday like we have for the past three she might even get herself the Giant Sewer Rat pet.

So that is what I have been up to for the past few days, how about the rest of you?

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