Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things that make you go WHAAAT?

For as long as I have played World of WarCraft there are still a few things that make absolutely NO sense to me at all. Things that just make me go "What were they THINKING when they made THOSE choices?" Do you ever have those experiences or is it just my sad twisted little brain?

Take for example the fact that Priest and Paladins CAN'T decurse. I mean they are SUPPOSE to use the power of the HOLY to do things right? Holy is generally considered the OPPOSITE of curses (ignoring Shadow priests of course). Wouldn't it be logical for them to be able to decurse? Along with that why can't Druids remove diseases? They deal in NATURE right? (Again ignoring when they are just mauling or chewing on things.) Wouldn't it make sense that THEY remove diseases?  But as you know that isn't how it works. We have Mages removing curses. What the heck does a MAGE have to do with curses? Other than the fact that Mages HATE Warlocks it makes no sense what so ever. Why can't WARLOCKS remove curses? They are the ones PUTTING them on everyone to begin with. THAT would make sense.

Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that we can tote 100+ mounts and/or non combat pets around with us at ALL times? I don't know about you but the thought of trying to lift just ONE mammoth gives me a backache and sure as heck should break blood elf in half. Let us also not forget just how much scat that would produce. We should be able to grow herbs in our bags if you think about it to closely. Other than the Forsaken and Death Knights the smell ALONE should have killed most of us off by now. Yet we do it every day without a second thought.

When they removed the weight limits and Tauren were suddenly able to ride chickens the cartoons we saw were laugh out loud funny but how can any mount FLY with one of those bovine on their backs? Only way that would make sense is with a bumble bee who defies logic to begin with. It is just something I think about every time the platewearer in the family pops out his beloved Argent Hippogryph. On the same theme of mounts, why is it that Gnome mounts are larger than any other Alliance members? Ever notice that? I mean I KNOW they have big heads but do they really need enlarged mounts to carry the extra weight? Tauren and Draeni it makes sense but Gnomes?

Armor designs, what are those artists SMOKING when they come up with some of these things? Most shoulders now a days would take out an eye let alone weight about 50 pounds and that is just the CLOTH. At least now most of the pants designs cover the knees. Not sure WHY they got hooked on capris there for a bit. Did someone forget to mention that it SNOWS in Northrend? The pickled heads we have had as Rogue helms these last few tiers just makes me shutter. Thank goodness we don't have to show them all the time. Which makes me wonder about the invisible armor. While I might appreciate it how much confidence can you really have in INVISIBLE armor?

Why is it that Forsaken ALWAYS have their spine, elbows and knees sticking out through EVERYTHING? Cutting holes in EVERY outfit they own has got to be annoying. You would think if they can get things to fit over a Tauren they would be able to NOT have their bones exposed all the time. Not only that but wouldn't you want to protect them? When you are barely holding yourself together to begin with some extra padding would seem to be appreciated.

Now I know this is a fantasy world so a certain amount of logic suspension is required. Yet sometimes even that suspension is pushed to the limits by some of the things we encounter every day and I just have to stop and wonder....What WERE they thinking when they made some of these decisions?

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