Thursday, April 1, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Gankly Rottenfist

Gankly Rottenfist is on of those fun characters who could almost be considered an Easter Egg. This elusive NPC appears randomly near the Nessingwary Safari in Nagrand. While his intended target is another random NPC named Kristen Dipswitch. (Originally her name was Kristen DeMeza a tribute to Blizzard Employee Caydiem of Forum fame.) He will also attack any others who happen to be in the area attempting to turn in or receive their OWN quests.

If players don't interfere Gankly jumps Kristen shortly after she rides up to the camp, killing her. He then rummages through her bags stealing her quest turn in. Once this is accomplished he attempts to turn the items in himself to Harold who promises him his "just reward". The results are vindication for every lowbie ever ganked by a higher level in Stranglethorn as Nessingwary and the other members of the expedition fill him full of buckshot. Turning him into their latest hunting trophy and a lovely rug for the center of the camp.

Gankly is considered a modern representation of every high level rogue who spends their time harassing lower level players attempting to turn in their quests. (Christian Chase would be proud.) Clad in the pvp Warlord's Vestments his fighting technique is rather poor for someone who should be VERY good at pvp. He is a Subtlety rogue who will stop at nothing less than death in taking out his intended victim. If you attempt to run away rather than fight him he will chase you endlessly. If he manages to kill you (which unless you are EXTREMELY poorly geared or a MUCH lower level should NOT happen) he will camp your corpse for about 5 minutes before despawning. He has VERY low health, just shy of 6k with VERY low damage output so few people should consider him ANY type of threat even at level 65.

Gankly has managed to collect for himself a cult type following as I know of individuals who happily hang out at the Nessingwary Camp waiting for Kristen to ride up since her appearance anticipates his own. I know of numerous individuals who have NEVER managed to encounter him but if you are so fortunate feel free to end his miserable life and Kristen will give you a nice little quest reward.

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