Thursday, April 15, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Hexil Garrot

Hexil is a part of the Goblin controlled Arena circuit. Early in Azeroth's history individuals would compete in gladiator type competitions for money and glory. Thrall most notably was raised in just this type of environment under Lord Blackmore. The Goblins, seeing what profit could easily be made by conducting these types of games quickly created an underground circuit of arenas to which individuals could go to compete. King Varion in fact fell victim to these, being forced to participate by Rehgar Earthfury.

Hexil is part of the staff sent to open and operate the arena located in Dalaran. However he is not content to just stand around watching when there is profit to be made. Setting up a small shop called "Tools of the Trade" in a dark corner of the Underbelly Hexil sells goods, most notably armor goods to the leather wearers who express interest. Since he is not the OFFICIAL vendor for the Goblin arena he can not sell any of those items, but he CAN make a profit with his niche clientele. Players who wish to avoid the often over crowded shops run by the Elves trading emblems for goods.

Clad in a reworked Bloodfang armor set he attempts to convey that his goods are for everyday life rather than the rigors of the arena. Both Druids and Rogues can benefit from his product list as he does not discriminate between the physical damager verses the caster leather wearer. He also has a small  collection of weapons. So don't pass this guy buy, while he may not Primordial Saronite he DOES have many of the other non tier pieces we can use.

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