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New (and Re-worked) Argent Tournament Dailys

OK OK!! Sorry it has taken me so long...but really guys it IS summer and well...there are A LOT OF THESE so unlike with previous patches where I had the time to give you all this information from the PTR with the little minions home I just did not have time to work it in like I usually do.

So here they are...better late than never right??...Don't answer that...

Quests that have changed:
Battle Before the Citadel: Before the quest Read: "Defeat 1 Commander, 3 Lieutenants and 10 Scouts" Now the quests asks you to defeat "3 Commanders"

Take the Battle to the Enemy: Before "Kill 15 Scourge save those in the bombardment" now the quest is "Kill 15 Members of the Cult of the Damned Anywhere in Ice Crown."

A Valiant's Field Training: Rather than it being "Kill 10 scourge save those in the bombardment" the quest now reads "Kill 10 converted Heroes ". These are located on the grounds southwest of the Valley of Fallen Heroes and north of Corp'rethar. They are the ones with the chains around them. (Most of us use to farm them for our scourge before anyway.)

New Quests:

Exalted with the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers:

You've Really Done It This Time, Kul: This is a Daily you will get EVERY day from Narasi Snowdawn, located inside the Alliance Tent or Girana the Blooded in the Horde Tent. (Kul it seems NEVER learns and is very good at getting others into trouble with him.) Just to the West of the Argent Tournament on a ledge you will locate Deathspeaker's Watch. Kill the cultist there and you will get Black Cage Keys. These are used to Free the Aspiants Kul talked into going with him (You will need to free 4 of them for the quest). Kul himself is located in a Cage on a ledge overlooking the rest of the rise. (Personally I like to do this in conjunction with the revised "Take the Battle to the Enemy" quest.)

The following quests you will get 1 in any random order from each quest giver per day.

A Leg Up: Narasi Snowdawn for Alliance or Girana the Blooded for Horde, Wants you to Recover 10 Stolen Tallstrider Legs. Just north of the Argent Tournament Grounds you will discover an Island crawling with Kvaldir. The Stolen Tailstrider legs can be obtained either on them OR laying around on the ground. I personally discovered that on the east side of the island was usually a good spot to locate a lot of them just laying on the ground.

Rescue at Sea: Narasi Snowdawn for Alliance or Girana the Blooded for Horde, would like you to kill 8 Kvaldir Berserkers and 3 Kvaldir Harpooners aboard The Firehawk. This one can be a little tricky. The ship is located in the straights between the Argent Tournament and Hrothgar's Landing. The mobs also respawn rather quickly. In addition to this, the Kraken adds to the confusion by occasionally attacking and freezing everyone on board in the path of his breath. The EASIEST way to do this is to stay near the rear or edges of the ship and attempt to pull the mobs in small groups. It is also about the only way you will be able to disengage yourself between waves once you complete the quest.

Stop the Aggressors: Narasi Snowdawn for Alliance or Girana the Blooded for Horde, wants you to kill 10 Kvaldir. Nice and simple, head over to Hrothgar's Landing and kill yourself 10 Kvaldir. Return and gather your reward.

The Light's Mercy: Narasi Snowdawn for Alliance or Girana the Blooded for Horde, want you to use the Confessor's Prayer Book to perform last rites for 8 Slain Tualiq Villagers. Sorry, I am a sucker for these kinds of quests. Again, very simple, take the Prayer Book provided, head over to Hrothgar's Landing, you will find bodies all over but I personally found the greatest concentration of them on the east end of the island.

Breakfast of Champions: Savinia Loreson for Alliance or Tylos Dawnrunner for Horde, want you to acquire 4 Jormungar Egg Sacs for them so they can feed the giant jormungar for the Tournament. For this quest head out to K3 in Storm Peaks and fly up to the Foot Steps, the area in the mountains just above Brunnhildur Village. There on the ground you will see mounds of snow, stand near one and beat the drum provided. It will either summon a Deep Jormugar who drops the quest item or a Dark Iorn Mole Machine which deposits a Dark Iorn dwarf for you to fight. (Or if your lazy you can run away from them too.)

Gormok Wants His Snobolds: Savinia Loreson for Alliance or Tylos Dawnrunner for Horde send you out to capture 8 Snowbold followers. This is a quick little trapping quest. Just Hot Bar the Net they give you and head out to K3 in Storm Peaks. The Snobolds you need are the same ones that are running up Gram's Bane in the Bombing Field so it is easy to run around and get them.

What do you Feed a Yeti, Anyway?: Savinia Loresong for Alliance or Tylos Dawnrunner for Horde needs you to bring 3 pieces of North Shore Shark Meat back. Just North west of the Argent Tournament you will find a ship the "Silver Blade" (the Horde's is called the "Crimson Dawn") on it you will discover "buckets of Fresh Chum" pick up 3 of them and jump in the water. Hot bar them and when you click on them you have the chance of summoning either a shark or an angry Kvaldir. The Sharks drop the Shark meat you need for the quest.

Once you earn the Title "Crusader" (meaning you are a Champion with all of your factions racial home cities) the following quests will open up:

Fate of the Fallen : Crusader Silverdawn from the Argent Dawn tent wants you to release the spirits of 6 fallen heroes. These are located on the grounds between Aldur'thur and The Ironwall Rampart in the Valley of Fallen Heroes. First locate 6 crystals along the ground, (they are purple), then use the Light-Blessed Relic on the heroes who ARE NOT chained.

Get Kraken: Crudader Silverdawn wants you to mount an Argent Hippogryph, Throw 8 flaming spears at the North Sea Kraken and take out 6 Vrykul Deepcallers. I have heard a lot of people complain about this quest but it really is not that difficult. Once you get the spear hot bar it to your action bar and then pop on one of the Hippogryphs which are located JUST OUTSIDE the tent. Target the Kraken as soon as you can and just keep hitting him as soon as you can (he moves from boat to boat) The Vrykul Deepcallers are all located on the Largest ship in the center. Just target on one and you should easily be able to hit the other two near him. If worse comes to worse you can always do this in more than one run.

Deathspeaker Kharos: High Crusader Adelard in the Argent Dawn tent wants you to kill Deathspeaker Kharos. He is rather easy to find, just to the west of the Tournament Grounds is Deathspeaker's Watch, Kharos is located in a pit a the east end of this area.

Drottin Hrothgar : High Crusader Adelard wants you to defeat Drottin Hrothgar. Just North of the Argent Tournament Grounds is Hrothgar's Landing. An Island srouded in mist, at the top east corner of it you will find a large bonfire. Stand fairly close to it and blow the horn that Adelard gives you, Drottin will come riding in on his cloud.

Mistcaller Yngvar: High Crusader Adelard at the Argent Tournament Grounds wants you to kill Mistcaller Yngvar. At the west end of Hrothgar's Landing there is Cave, in the back of it you will find a large brazer. That is where you want to be to use the Crystal Adelard gives you to Summon Yngvar.

Ornolf the Scarred
: High Crusader Adelard at the Argent Tournament Grounds wants you to kill Ornolf the Scarred. On the East side of Hrothagr's Landing, along the coast, there is a small cove that contains the ship Bor's Fury. Just land on the deck and use the Captured Kvaldir Banner that Adelard gave you to summon Ornolf.

So there you have them...if I have happened to miss any (stranger things have been known to happen) be sure I will update this as soon as possible. Also if any of you note any errors or have any additional hints please feel free to share.

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