Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rep: Honor Hold and Thrallmar

You did it, you made your way through all of Old Azeroth and the Dark Portal now stands before you. What awaits on the other side of the swirling green gate?
Take a deep breath, close your eyes and so you are not tripped by some joker on the other side, jump through. The energies of the portal dance along your skin and seem to almost infuse your armor as you feel yourself pulled forward. Suddenly you feel stone beneath your feet and dry dusty air fills your lungs, heat not unlike that which you experienced in Molten Core permeates the air. Open your eyes and take your first look at the vista before you.

Welcome to Outland.

Demons, the likes of which you have only heard of in legend battle before you with both Alliance and Horde forces. You discover you are now standing on a rather large platform that has been turned into a staging area for the defense of the portal and the riches of Old Azeroth that lay beyond. To the left is the Alliance camp and the right the Horde. Depending on your faction go and locate your Commanding officer so that your journey deeper into this strange new world can begin.

For Alliance faction members your first ride here will take you to Honor Hold, created by the remnants of the Sons of Lothar, the first Alliance force sent through the portal under General Turalyon. Gaining reputation with them is fairly simple at first but then will hit a major snag so you want to be clever as you go about it.

The best way to do it is to start out by grinding the mobs just out side of the hold until you hit Friendly, OR you can just run Ramparts and Blood Furnace until you hit Honored. Once you Hit Honored you will be able to purchase your Heroic Key for Hellfire Citadel.

Now if you are going about this on say your Death Knight as you level, when you get to honored start in on the quests because the greatest difficulty with this particular Reputation is that once you leave the zone there really are not many other options for reputation out there beyond the Dungeons. Grand total there are only 59 quests for this faction so you are going to want to do ALL of them.

Now there is ONE quest that is VERY important for this faction that DOES NOT start in this zone. Rather it begins over in Shadowmoon Valley at the Black Temple. You need to locate Smith Gorluck, he is found in the north west end of the Temple in a Forge hut. Kill him and pick up the Primed Key Mold. The quest is what gets you the key to The Shattered Halls, now while only one person needs the key to get in, the rep from the chain is also VERY nice. Shattered Halls can be farmed for rep from lvl 68 on, as well as doing each of the Citadel dungeons on heroic.

Horde Members will find themselves taken to a rather hastily constructed fortress called Thrallmar. Not to surprising as it is a VERY recent addition to the landscape. Again, reputation is fairly easy to gain to a point then you will hit a road block, so be smart about it. From neutral to Friendly you can farm the mobs outside Hellfire Citadel, or just farm Ramparts and Blood Furnace until Honored. At Honored pick up your Heroic Key. Horde have it a little easier in that they have MORE quests (64) that will give them reputation but they also will need to journey to Shadowmoon Valley to pick up the Shattered Halls Key quest chain. The quest is the same, you just have to report to different NPC's, Nazgrel and Grand Master Rohok. Again, once you have reached this point all there is left to do is farm Shattered Halls and the Heroics until you reach Exalted.

Happy Grinding!

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